Video Games Can Cause Neck Pain

upper neck pain, video games

If you’ve been wondering what’s causing your upper neck pain, it’s best to take a step back and look at your daily habits to check if any of them might be the culprit. There are many possible reasons you get neck pain, and one of them might be your favorite pastime - video games.

Screentime has been a part of many people’s daily lives. Along with the progress and advancement in technology, gaming consoles and video games are still highly popular and are becoming more accessible.

Sporting activities such as basketball, football, or tennis can bring pains and soreness to the body due to repeated use of the same muscle groups. Video gamers are no different from athletes as they usually stay in the same position for extended periods. They will have to agree that, most often than not, it takes a long time before they get tired of playing. You don’t need to play just one game, after all.

However, prolonged playing of video games increases the possibility of damaging significant areas in the neck. When you play video games on the computer, for example, and your set-up is not ergonomically designed, it’s common to lean your head forward. When you do this, your neck gets extra pressure, leading to upper neck pain, misalignments, and even inflammation of the nerves, muscles, and ligaments.

The same goes for video games played on your mobile phone or tablet wherein you sit down or lie down with your neck extended to keep your screen at eye level. Again, it can bring excessive pressure and stress to your neck and can trigger pain and injuries if it continues.


Other Habits That Can Lead to Neck Pain

Apart from video games, some of your everyday habits or routine can be detrimental to your neck and be the reason for upper neck pain, upper cervical spine misalignment, or inflammation of muscles and nerves. Below are three simple things that can hurt you in the long run:

Poor Posture

This is one of the things many of you might be unaware that you’ve been doing. Others may be guilty of doing it, but it becomes challenging to correct due to force of habit. Poor posture can strain the muscles and ligaments that support the neck, which can eventually cause neck pain and injury over time. Please don’t wait for this to happen. Instead, make a conscious effort to correct your posture and when you catch yourself with poor posture, adjust it immediately and try to keep the good posture forever.

If poor posture continues, you can be at risk of muscle imbalance, spinal degeneration, and reduced mobility. You can retrain yourself to get used to proper posture. It can take time, but it’s doable, and you must be willing to make this change. When you sit for extended periods, use support for your back and neck to ensure your spine is not compensating and enduring too much stress that can lead to pain from your neck down.

upper neck pain, video games






Wrong Workout Form

Home workout videos have been around for decades now, but it’s become more accessible due to the rising popularity of workout videos found on YouTube. While engaging in movement and exercise is good, there can also be risks of wrong execution of certain workout moves or yoga poses involving your neck muscles that can trigger unwanted neck pain. In addition, overexerting your neck during exercise may also lead to injuries. 

The rule of thumb should be if it hurts, stop right away. Your workout routine should not hurt you. Stretching or warming up your muscles properly can also let you avoid soreness in your neck and the rest of the body. Whatever routine you choose, make sure you don’t put too much pressure on your neck and shoulder area, which can trigger neck pain and increase your chance of developing upper cervical misalignment. You can also start slow to ensure you are not overworking your muscles.

Stress and Fatigue

When you feel stressed and fatigued, your muscles experience more tension and can trigger tightness in your muscles, including your neck muscles. Neck pain and stiffness may occur shortly after. 

When your neck muscles tighten due to severe fatigue, strong tension can pull on the bones in the upper neck, eventually leading to misalignment problems. When the upper neck bones shift out of their original positions, neck pain and other body issues may present themselves. 

It’s important to listen to your body to ensure you are not abusing it or pushing yourself too much. Rest is equally important as your daily routine and tasks.


Managing Upper Neck Pain and Misalignments Naturally

When your neck pain keeps happening, and none of your go-to remedies work, you’re likely dealing with an upper cervical misalignment triggering neck pain and other symptoms. Unfortunately, this is not something evident to the naked eye.

To confirm if the culprit of your upper neck pain is a misalignment, we recommend that you talk to an Upper Cervical Chiropractic doctor soon. They are highly skilled and experienced in identifying misalignment and correcting them using natural, safe, and gentle manipulation techniques.

If you ignore upper neck misalignments, there will be interference in the communication between your brain and the rest of your body parts. Not only will it affect how your body systems and organs work together, but the health concerns it will bring can make it difficult for you to enjoy a healthier life.

You can check out our directory of Upper Cervical Doctors to find a reputable upper cervical chiropractor near you. Once you find someone near your area, don’t wait any longer and book a consultation. Your symptoms are not going to go away on their own. It’s time to take your pain-free life back. Call an upper cervical chiropractor near you today!


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