Month: September 2019

The Most Prolific Myths About Vertigo Diseases We Should Stop Believing

Vertigo is a common occurrence that grows even more widespread when it comes to people over the age of 40. However, there are many misconceptions about vertigo diseases and how this symptom comes about in the first place. We are going to address some of the most egregious myths. In doing so, we also want […]

Four Tips for Finding Drug-Free Relief for Neck Pain

Neck pain is widespread and can affect up to 70% of people at one time or another during their life according to one study. Therefore, it is essential to know how to find relief from neck pain. Unfortunately, the only solution many people are aware of is taking over the counter pain medications. However, these […]

Tips for Avoiding the Top Migraine Triggers

If you are trying to deal with your migraines naturally, then you have probably already started a migraine journal. This allows you to track what happens in the hours or days leading up to a migraine. This can help you potentially identify your triggers. If you have started tracking your triggers or you are unsure […]

A Parent’s Guide to Caring for Migraine in Children

Migraines in children are more common than you might think. About one in ten school-aged children are migraineurs. In addition, half of all migraineurs will experience their first attack before age 12.  No different than adults, migraines in children are not just a horrible headache. Migraines are a complex neurological condition that has other symptoms. […]

Top Causes of Neck Pain You Should Be Able to Avoid

Head or neck trauma can be the cause of chronic neck pain. This is usually related to unavoidable car accidents or other types of injuries. However, there are many other cases of chronic neck pain that develop gradually because of our habits. We are going to look at the top causes of neck pain that […]

The Complicated Road Leading to a Fibromyalgia Diagnosis

Fibromyalgia, a chronic health condition that is characterized primarily by widespread pain throughout the body and fatigue, is notorious for being difficult to diagnose.  There are two main reasons why a person must jump through seemingly endless hoops to finally arrive at a fibromyalgia diagnosis: Fibromyalgia symptoms mimic those of other prevalent conditions There is […]

Top Home Remedies for Vertigo and a Natural Alternative that Really Helps

Vertigo is a false sensation of movement perceived as spinning, tilting, or swaying. The room around you may appear to move, or you may feel like you are moving. That can make it challenging to find relief, even if you can safely lie down and close your eyes until the attack ends. Since a sudden […]

What Is Meniere’s Disease? Is Natural Help Available?

If you are living with Meniere’s disease, there are several chronic symptoms that can assist you in identifying the condition. We are going to take a closer look at these Meniere’s symptoms to help you learn the answers to the following questions. (1) What is Meniere’s Disease? (2) Is there any way to get natural […]

What Is Vertigo? Uncovering the Myths

Balance Awareness Week is here, so it is time to tackle some important issues that relate to this topic. We’re going to start out by getting down to the basics. The first question we need to answer is, what is vertigo?  Once we have done that, we can discuss some of the misconceptions that people […]

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