Month: July 2023

Adele's Sciatica Battle Mirrors Women's Pain Worldwide

Have you ever felt an unusual pain stretching from your lower back to your legs? Have you written it off as simple fatigue or perhaps a byproduct of aging? Have you been struggling to find a suitable exercise to soothe your low back pain? What if that persistent ache, that radiating discomfort, was something more—something […]

Riding the Vertigo Wave: A Senior’s Ultimate Guide

How often do you find yourself hesitating before taking a step? How frequently do you pause, suddenly apprehensive about a potential fall due to an unexpected loss of balance? Have you noticed a growing reluctance to engage in activities you once enjoyed, all because of recurring, disorienting dizziness? These situations can be signs of vertigo, […]

Dealing with Vertigo After Bumping Your Head: Secret Tips

Have you recently bumped your head and noticed frequent dizzying spells that make it seem like everything around you is spinning at an unprecedented speed? Do you constantly feel off-balanced, nauseous, or struggling to keep a steady pace while walking?  You could be experiencing vertigo, a disorienting condition triggered by a head injury. Let’s shed […]

Can Skipping Atlas Neck Adjustments Worsen Vertigo?

Have you ever been struck by a sudden onslaught of dizziness after missing a few consecutive sessions of your upper cervical chiropractic adjustments? Does it seem as though rapid movements of your head are becoming synonymous with a distressing sense of imbalance? If you have a history of neck trauma, these situations may not be […]

Decoding the Causes of Vertigo During Pregnancy

Have you ever found yourself feeling like the world is spinning around you, leaving you dizzy and disoriented? Now, imagine experiencing this sensation while navigating the beautiful journey of pregnancy. It's a scenario that can be incredibly unsettling and alarming for expecting mothers. As if pregnancy wasn't challenging enough, the addition of vertigo can bring […]

A Success Story: Atlas Adjustment Eases Trigeminal Pain

Have you ever experienced a pain so excruciating that you felt like giving up on life? Pain that causes you to alarmingly lose weight because it prevents you from nourishing yourself, as even eating and drinking is painful? It sounds extreme, but for those suffering from trigeminal neuralgia, this may be a daily reality. The […]

Fury’s Toll: Does Anger Escalate Neck Pain?

Have you ever found yourself in the grip of intense emotion, only to be startled by a sudden surge of neck pain? It's as if your frustration or anger has triggered an unwelcome physical response, leaving you with a stiff and painful neck. If you've experienced this scenario, you're not alone. Many people wonder why […]

Top 5 Culprits Behind Morning Neck Pain

Have you ever experienced the joy of waking up after a restful night's sleep, only to be greeted by an unwelcome guest—morning neck pain. It's as if the tranquil serenity of your slumber vanishes instantly, leaving you with discomfort and frustration that lingers throughout the day. It's a scenario many of us can relate to […]

Chiro Recommendations for Migraine Aura Care

Do you often find yourself dreading the onset of another migraine aura episode? The blinding lights, shimmering lines, and throbbing pain that hijack your day and leave you feeling utterly helpless? It's a familiar struggle for many who battle migraines with aura. Chances are, like most people who have this type of headache, you have […]

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