Pinched Nerves

Nerve pinching or nerve compression is one of the many causes of severe pain, tingling and numbing sensation. It can stem from inflamed muscles, herniated discs, and neck bone misalignments. An atlas bone adjustment from a trusted Upper Cervical chiropractor for a pinched nerve might come in handy in alleviating the pressure on the involved nerve root. The adjustments can also restore balance in your spine so your brain can help your damaged tissues heal. 

As you might know, the neck is a highly delicate body part. The topmost neck bones can quickly shift from their normal alignment after an accident and cause significant changes to your spine’s overall structure.

Even the slightest changes in the atlas and axis bone can lead to twisting of the spine and hips, increasing your risks for compressed, irritated, and inflamed nerve roots. 

Upper Cervical Chiropractic works by providing accurate and precise atlas bone adjustment. This can correct your overall spinal alignment and help affected nerve roots heal from the injury. It can also help address your pinched nerve symptoms like searing pain and loss of sensation. 

So, if you’re wondering whether a chiropractor for a pinched nerve may help, we suggest scheduling a quick consultation. This way, you can check if you have misaligned atlas and axis bones and begin receiving Upper Cervical Care.


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