Month: January 2022

How Fibromyalgia Chiropractic Can Help with Your Symptoms

Despite affecting millions of Americans, many are still oblivious to how fibromyalgia symptoms can affect daily lives. This might be because of the complexity of the condition and the distinct differences between each fibromyalgia case. So naturally, if you have this disorder, you might be wondering about its symptoms and how other patients cope with […]

Best Sleeping Position for Sciatica and More Tips

Good quality sleep can be elusive when you have sciatica, a neurological condition that stems from a compressed sciatic nerve. That’s why it pays to know the tips on finding the best sleeping position for sciatica and relieving your symptoms naturally. Also, if your radiating back pain has been bothering you for quite a while, […]

Is There a Way to Eliminate Upper Neck Pain?

The Internet world has pushed thousands to work in front of their computers all day. But, unfortunately, many people give very little thought to eliminating or minimizing everyday stressors when working until they begin causing crippling symptoms like upper neck pain. If this sounds like a story taken straight out of your diary, we suggest […]

What Are Natural Vertigo Remedies?

Do your vertigo episodes always lurk in dark corners, waiting to pounce and wreak havoc in your life? Do you find it hard to concentrate on work tasks because of frequent spinning sensations and dizzying spells? Then, maybe, it’s time for you to start tapping into natural vertigo remedies. After all, many of these scientifically-proven […]

Can Strong Odors Trigger Chronic Migraine Headaches?

Believe it not, many patients who come to a chiropractor for migraine suffer from a crippling episode because of certain odors. Studies explain that this develops because 95 percent of migraineurs have osmophobia or sensitivity to scents. But how exactly can certain smells trigger symptoms like headaches, vertigo, nausea, and extreme fatigue? Check out the […]

Can Fasting Cause Migraines?

Have you ever come across “fasting headache” while researching an effective way to get rid of migraine and neck pain? Chances are, you already know about it or have experienced it once in your life. But unfortunately, when you noticed the symptoms, you did not know how to manage them. You also likely don’t understand […]

Differentiating Trigeminal Neuralgia from 6 Similar Disorders

Do you experience pain down the side of your face that makes you wonder if you have dental problems, nervous system issues, infection, or a neuropathic condition? You’re not alone! Thousands struggle to determine if they should go to a dentist or seek chiropractic care to relieve a symptom of trigeminal neuralgia. We believe the […]

Read Some FAQs on Peripheral Vertigo

To help patients and anyone on the Internet understand peripheral vertigo, we answered some frequently asked questions about it. This comprehensive source of information shares what causes peripheral vertigo and the natural remedy that can help alleviate this type of vertigo.   What is Peripheral Vertigo? Peripheral vertigo is a vertigo type that affects the […]

Vertigo Due to Whiplash and Its Natural Remedies

Did you know that many people who seek vertigo remedies first notice their symptoms after developing a whiplash injury? Studies explain that this happens because of cervical subluxation. When the upper neck bones fail to stay aligned with the body’s central axis, they compromise the spine’s curvature. Consequently, this leads to a series of problems […]

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