Month: January 2019

Natural Meniere’s Disease Management Tips

If you suffer from Meniere’s disease, you may find the limited treatment options frustrating. As a result, you look for natural ways to manage the disease on your own. We’re going to provide you some tips that may help you get relief without the side effects. Lifestyle Changes that Can Affect Meniere’s Disease One thing […]

Back Pain – The Primary Causes and Solutions

Back pain affects about 80% of people at some point in life. Whether you are dealing with chronic back pain or your pain just started, you are no doubt looking for answers. What has caused your back pain? Is there a natural way to get relief so you don’t feel compelled to reach for NSAIDs […]

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD): Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

While many people refer to jaw problems as TMJ, TMD is a more appropriate abbreviation since it refers to disorders of the jaw, whereas TMJ means temporomandibular joint and is in reference to the jaw itself. What are the symptoms of TMD? What can cause these disorders to arise? How can you find natural care […]

New Year’s Resolutions to Ease Your Back Pain

It’s the start of the new year, and everyone is setting goals, many of them being health-related. If you want to reduce or even eliminate back pain in 2019, here are some tips to help you attain your objective. Resolution 1 – Get Better Sleep Sleep habits can have a big effect on the health […]

What Is an Atlas Realignment Procedure?

The top bone in the neck is sometimes referred to as the atlas. This is because it balances the head the way mythology says Atlas carried the world on his shoulders. But is balancing the head that important of a role? How does this top vertebra in the neck (also called the C1) become misaligned […]

How Is Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic Unique?

Upper cervical specific chiropractic is a subspecialty in the chiropractic field. What is different about this type of chiropractic? What are some of the conditions upper cervical specific chiropractic can help? How can you find a practitioner of this subspecialty? We will discuss the answers to these and more questions in our article.

Practical Ways to Live Your Best Life Despite Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is more than just a chronic pain disorder. You probably also experience debilitating fatigue. You may even feel that the worst symptoms are the cognitive ones that make you feel like senility is setting in prematurely. Whether the toughest part to deal with is the sleepless nights, the struggle to get out of bed […]

Shocking Back Pain Myths Revealed!

Back pain is one of the most common conditions that people suffer from with about 80% of people having back pain at some time in life. For many, back pain becomes chronic, so it is no wonder that this is also one of the most common causes of disability in the world. How can you […]

Important Coping Mechanisms for Chronic Migraine Sufferers

About 10% of people who suffer from migraines are dealing with chronic migraines. This means that you experience 15 or more days per month with migraine symptoms. Some people even get daily migraines. This can be an extremely debilitating condition and lead to an inability to work and even depression. How can you cope with […]

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