Month: September 2021

Does Sinus Infection and Neck Pain Have a Connection?

Sinus infections and neck pain can be quite a nightmare to deal with. Anyone familiar with this kind of condition knows that it often causes discomfort or sometimes dangerous complications. For example, some patients report having both sinus infection and neck pain. But is there a connection after all? More importantly, if there’s a strong […]

Can Meniere’s Cause Permanent Hearing Loss?

Can you imagine what it would feel like to live without hearing any sound? No laughter or whispers from your family or friends. No lengthy conversations from your significant others or music from YouTube or Spotify. What would you feel if you had Meniere’s disease hearing loss? Is there a way to resolve your condition? […]

Can a Pinched Nerve in the Neck Cause Dizziness?

Can a pinched nerve in the neck cause dizziness? This is just among the many questions many patients ask during their first consultation. After all, dizziness is quite a common symptom. Because it can result from various health concerns, some patients wonder if it can get triggered by a pinched nerve in the neck. Let’s […]

5 Meniere’s Disease Neck Exercises for Relief

If you often deal with Meniere’s disease symptoms, chances are, you have scrolled through pages and pages of resources that talk about options for relief. You might have also come across exercises for Meniere’s disease. Many people swear by its effectiveness in curbing the symptoms. So, it might be an excellent addition to your self-care […]

Natural Ways to Relieve Tinnitus – The Complete Guide

Every chiropractor for tinnitus watches out for ringing or buzzing in the ears. It’s often a sign of vertigo or inner ear conditions that need immediate fixing. We will talk about tinnitus in depth and the ways you can solve it naturally.    What is Tinnitus? Have you been to a loud concert where the […]

Obesity and Back Pain: How are They Connected?

Obesity is a widespread problem in the country, affecting about 42.4 percent of our population. It’s a serious health concern that puts a person at more risk for various health problems, including low back pain. Notably, many obese patients seeking upper cervical care experience worse symptoms than those with an average or normal body mass […]

Do These to Wipe Out TMJ Ear Pain

Was there a time when you thought your TMJ ear pain was just a simple ear infection? Everything seemed fine, and you did not see it as something worth an ounce of worry. So, you ignored it, and you continued to live your life. However, things quickly spiraled down as your ear pain progressed. You […]

Neck Pain and Dizziness: The Unseen Effects of Remote Working

Suppose you have been working at home and suddenly felt soreness on your neck one day. When you tried to stand up from your seat after long hours of working on your computer, you suddenly felt dizzy and lost your balance. How would you deal with the situation? If this has happened to you a […]

Why Anxiety and Balance Disorders Often Go Hand in Hand

Anxiety is among the most common emotions of people with balance disorders, especially when they have an episode. Unfortunately, when they feel anxious and stressed out, their symptoms get even worse. They experience increased discomfort and have a harder time coping. Have you ever wondered why this often happens? What’s the connection between anxiety and […]

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