Month: June 2022

FDA Approves Wearable Device for Patients with Fibromyalgia

Last month, the FDA approved using the newly launched neuromodulation device for fibromyalgia relief. Essentially, the device works by stimulating the sensory nerve in the legs. Patients need to wrap around the sleeve of the device on one of the legs. Then, they can control the electrode settings and monitor the progress of their therapy […]

Arthritis and Back Pain: What's the Connection?

You may be one of those who are wondering if your back pains have a connection with arthritis. Why do they often occur together? Which causes which? Studies explain that arthritis is a risk factor that may influence the development of back pain. It can manifest itself in many ways. One of them is joint […]

Tai Chi for Chronic Fatigue Relief: Does it Work?

Have you ever heard of Tai Chi? Essentially, Tai Chi is a form of martial arts-based mind and body exercise. It aims to relieve stress, manage pain stimuli better, and improve one’s energy glow. It’s a widely used physical activity, especially because of its potential to help people cope with chronic problems such as chronic […]

Here's What You and Lady Gaga May Have in Common

You might feel disheartened and confused if you're recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. You're probably wondering what your fibromyalgia triggers are and how you can work around them. These are all valid and understandable concerns.  One important thing that you have to remember is that you are not alone in this journey. In fact, this condition […]

How to Combat Back Pain from a Pinched Nerve

Getting a pinched nerve can be devastating to your health and wellness, and it is not just the excruciating pain you will have to endure. The pain will affect other areas of your life, like work and leisure activities, which can result in lost time you can’t get back. Depending on the severity of the […]

Understanding Chronic Sciatica: 4 FAQs Answered

If you've been experiencing bouts of sciatica, you will know how uncomfortable they can get. At some point, you probably wondered, "how long does it take for sciatica to go away?" or "what can happen if sciatica progresses and becomes a chronic condition?". Unfortunately, just like any health concern, sciatica's impacts can vary from person […]

Managing Vertigo Made As Easy As ABC

Having vertigo can be very unsettling. Many people experience vertigo, and this condition interferes with their lives so it is imperative to find a vertigo relief plan that is simple and manageable to lessen not just the discomfort it causes but also its effects on your overall life and wellbeing.  Thankfully, there are only three […]

How to Regain Balance When You Have Meniere's Disease

A lot of people experience dizziness or vertigo at some point in their lives. Sadly, some experience this debilitating problem and have no clue why it happens that they have vestibular conditions like Meniere's disease. Studies reveal that Meniere's affects only a tiny fraction of the American population. However, it still causes massive disruptions because […]

Coffee Always Triggers Migraines and Other Migraine Myths

Migraine myths continue to spread like wildfire, no thanks to the internet. Sadly, they continue to misinform many patients, leaving them trapped in an endless and vicious cycle of pain. If this sounds exactly like your story, you might find our list of migraine myths helpful in seeking lasting relief. Learn more about popular myths […]

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