Month: March 2022

Neck Pain Relief Tips for Every Outdoorsy People

Are you a weekend warrior or a certified outdoor junkie? If you are, you might not be a stranger to neck pain—one of the common complaints of people across the USA, regardless of age, occupation, and level of physical activity. Thankfully, nowadays, several options for neck pain relief are readily available. So, do you happen […]

Scoliosis and Other Causes of Back Pain in The USA

Did you know that about 6 to 9 million adult Americans have scoliosis? Interestingly, the condition usually develops during early childhood. However, the majority of cases often appear in pre-adolescent patients. Most people diagnosed with scoliosis complain about upper and middle back pain. However, some report additional symptoms, including uneven waist and shoulders, leg pain […]

Top 5 Things That Can Trigger a TMJ Flare-up

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders are among the leading causes of pain and discomfort in many Americans. Chances are, you came across this blog post because you also have TMJD and hope to understand how the condition works and what you can do to find sustainable TMJ pain relief. Let’s help you improve your TMJD care […]

8 Vertigo Facts That Undiagnosed Patients Need to Know

Experiencing vertigo for the first time can be pretty overwhelming. It can also become a major stressor if you don't know why you have false spinning sensations in the first place. Because of this, we thought of creating a short roundup of vertigo facts that every undiagnosed patient needs to know. This way, you can […]

8 Things Every Migraineur Needs to Know

Migraines are seemingly harmless compared to other life-threatening conditions. But, in truth, they leave a noticeable impact because they can influence every aspect of a patient’s life. But unfortunately, even with their crippling effects, many people know very little about migraines. This often leads to challenges in finding options that can provide lasting migraine relief. […]

Top 5 Causes of Lower Back and Knee Pain

Some people say you're not getting any younger when you start to have lower back and knee pain. While there is some truth to it, they don’t only happen to older adults—even children and adolescents can get them! Regardless of your age, sitting on your desk for too long, lifting something heavy, and engaging in […]

7 False Beliefs About Neck Pain

The Internet has helped people access a massive amount of knowledge on different things, including popular remedies for common problems like neck pain. Sadly, it has also become a source of misinformation because of unverified accounts and the lack of control over the pieces of content published online. Because of this, some individuals fail to […]

How to Travel When You Have a Vertigo-Causing Condition

With travel easing back to normal, many have started to plan their weekend getaways with their friends and family members. Some want to fly to the famous spring break hotspots like San Franciso and Oahu or book a cruise trip to the Caribbean or the Mexican Riviera. On the one hand, others dread traveling because […]

What is Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness?

Hundreds to thousands of patients seek atlas bone adjustments each month. And notably, a small fraction calls for help because of persistent postural perceptual dizziness (PPPD). Are you familiar with this condition? Do you know someone who has PPPD? If PPPD sounds utterly foreign to you, you can get acquainted with it through our brief […]

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