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Migraines / Headaches

Along with neck pain migraine episodes and headaches rank among the top common body ailments. Knowing which version a person is dealing with can help when determining what relief options to pursue.

An Overview of Migraines

Migraines are intense, pulsating aches that begin on one side of the head. The severity can progress, and the pain can envelop the entire head. Migraine is one of the top ten most debilitating conditions in the world. It can trace its roots to the nerves that send pain signals to the brain as an ailment. The upper part of the body, which consists of the neck and the face, has nerves that carry sensations processed by the brain. When something goes awry, the brain interprets the signals as pain.

Migraines come in two forms. The first is called migraines with aura, which give people a warning before an episode. The second version, called silent migraines, happens unexpectedly.

Migraines with aura trigger the body’s internal warning system. Along with neck pain migraine episodes cause some people to develop sensitivity towards light and noise. It is common for someone with migraines to prefer to stay in a quiet room indoors.

On the other hand, silent migraines can creep up on a person. They come with no accompanying headaches, so a person may not be aware that a migraine is in progress until the other symptoms become more pronounced.

An Overview of Headaches

Headaches can simultaneously begin on both sides. The discomfort level can range from subtle to obvious. Unlike migraines with visual and auditory repercussions, headaches are often limited to pain in the head.

Economic Impact

Regardless of the type of migraine a person experiences, it is essential to take note that each session can persist and intensify. According to a study on the effects of migraines on the economy, the researchers established that people with migraines spend a lot because of more frequent doctor visits and even emergency care. There is also a higher cost due to lost productivity for missing work.

Migraines do not just affect migraineurs; they directly and significantly impact any industry in terms of lost working hours. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, the economic ramifications of migraines in the US is almost $40 billion every year.

Importance of Neck Alignment

The neck is highly prone to misalignment because of its delicate structure and the gravity of its function. The neck’s vertebrae and discs are susceptible to displacement. Injuries like whiplash can cause shifts.

When this happens, the bones get closer to each other when they move. In the sections when they do, the pathways that nerves and blood vessels travel to and from the brain become narrow and constricted. The resulting friction can apply pressure to the surrounding areas as well.

A misaligned neck can lead to thinner nerve pathways, ultimately affecting the transmission and interpretation of signals. The distorted signals can result in neck pain migraine with aura, and silent migraines, among others.

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