Allergies affect millions worldwide and cause problems like rashes, difficulty breathing, runny nose, and sneezing. Essentially, allergic reactions occur when the immune system attacks things that come into contact with your body, say pollen grains, milk, animal dander, or mites. The severity of allergies varies from one person to another. Notably, some have worse reactions than others. As a result, healthcare professionals, like an allergologist and a chiropractor for allergies, remind people to keep track of sensitivities. This way, you can avoid life-threatening issues like anaphylactic shock. 

Additionally, it is extra helpful to address postural imbalances in your atlas and axis bones. Studies reveal that Upper Cervical Care helps restore normal central nervous system function.

Interferences caused by cervical subluxation or neck bone shifting prevent the brain from transmitting signals. 

Hence, if you suspect having neck bone misalignments and notice frequent allergic reactions, you might find it helpful to work closely with an Upper Cervical chiropractor for allergies. Upper Cervical Care can boost your wellness and ensure that your different body systems operate with lesser disruptions. Many people who come to an Upper Cervical chiropractor for allergies notice significant changes to their health as their neck bones gradually shift back in place. 


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