Compression Eye Masks: Do They Work for Migraineurs?

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The constant threat of severe migraine attacks can push anyone to exhaust every way possible to relieve their symptoms. Hence, it’s not surprising that some patients who already go to a chiropractor for migraines for help still look for ways to maximize their benefits from each session. 

For example, some migraineurs take advantage of compression eye masks because of their potential benefits. As your go-to source of all things migraine, we thought it would help to look into these pain-relieving eye masks. Hopefully, our quick investigation of this migraineur “must-have” will provide you with an additional source of relief.


Compression Eye Masks for Migraine Relief: Are They Effective?

Freezable compression eye masks have started to gain significant market traction in the eCommerce niche. That’s because thousands of migraineurs and people who experience constant headaches swear by the simplicity and effectiveness of compression eye masks. But, how do they help relieve migraine? Here are some possible explanations: 

  • You can use it for both hot and cold therapy.
  • They block excess light in the bedroom – a key trigger for some migraineurs.
  • They work great for meditation and relaxation.

Some people who use migraine masks recommend putting one in the freezer when you notice the first few signs of a migraine episode. The cold temperature of the material can help relax your nerves and blood vessels, effectively reducing your pain. 

On the one hand, if you have difficulty falling asleep, you can place the mask in the microwave for a few seconds. The heat can soothe the nerves in your face, helping your mind drift into slumberland.


Other Surprising Sources of Migraine Relief

Besides having compression eye masks around, you might also find it helpful to explore other unexpected yet potential sources of migraine relief. Here are some examples of migraine-relieving items to give you an idea: 

Air humidifier 

Increasing the humidity in your room can help with dry and inflamed sinuses. So, it can potentially help you lessen the headaches you experience.

Essential oil roller ball applicator 

Many patients with frequent migraines carry an essential oil applicator anywhere they go. This makes it easier to apply relaxing aromatherapy oils like peppermint and spearmint, especially during unexpected migraine episodes while traveling or on a long commute.  

Fitness tracker

Living a healthy and physically active life can significantly affect your migraine attacks. So, it might help to wear a fitness tracker to monitor your vitals and encourage physical activity. John Hopkins Medicine shares that wearing fitness trackers encourage people to increase their daily steps and meet their cardio goals. 

Greenlight therapy lamps

Have you ever seen green light therapy lamps while browsing Amazon or eBay? While you might think that it won’t do you any good, studies note that green light can reduce the monthly occurrence of headaches and migraines by up to 60 percent. So it would be best to get one for your bedroom. 

Migraine glasses

A large fraction of people with frequent migraine attacks has photophobia. That’s why migraine glasses have become a must-have item for many patients. This specialized eyewear comes with multiple protective layers that help filter light while you’re outside or during long work hours in front of the computer screen.

eye masks, chiropractor for migraines






Additional Tips To Keep Your Migraine Symptoms at Bay

People with migraine attacks often have symptoms for the rest of their lives. But, it doesn’t mean that you will have to suffer forever. Thanks to the items we listed above, plus a few migraine care techniques, you can live a normal life and experience lesser disruptions due to your episodes. Here are a few additional migraine-relieving tips and tricks to help you live your life to the fullest: 

  • Track your migraine triggers using a migraine diary
  • Eat healthily and drink enough fluids each day
  • Take medication but ensure that you don’t go beyond the recommended dosage
  • Resolve vitamin deficiencies with the help of supplements
  • Indulge yourself in monthly massage or spa trips 
  • Avoid or manage stressors like traffic jams, loud noises, financial problems, etc.
  • Keep up with your chiropractor for migraines appointments
  • Plan activities, especially if you have weather-related migraines
  • Sleep enough hours at night and avoid blue light exposure at night 
  • Check the quality of your beddings to maintain proper sleep posture
  • Manage allergies or avoid things that trigger a reaction (pollen, molds, nuts, etc.)


Keep Your Spinal Alignment in Check with a Chiropractor for Migraines 

There you have it: our list of migraine care tips and tricks. We hope we were able to cover everything you need, especially on compression eye masks and the rest of the items that can help combat your migraine attacks. Use them to your advantage, and don’t forget to visit your chiropractor for migraines for posture correction. 

Regular trips to your Upper Cervical doctor can help ensure your neck bones stay in place. It will also help you learn essential tips to maintain a healthy body. Think of your trips to a chiropractic practice like scheduled visits to your dentist. The more you commit to caring for your spinal column, the more benefits you can reap, including less severe migraine attacks and improved brain signal transmission for maximum vitality. 

If you would like to locate a new practice due to temporary or long-term changes in your residence, you can check out the Upper Cervical Awareness’ Doctors Directory. It should be able to help you find a chiropractic office in your new locale.


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