Swollen, stiff, and tender joints are telling signs of arthritis. People often think these are the only factors needed when assessing joint pain. However, medical experts, including every chiropractor for joint pain, look into other aspects before finalizing their diagnosis.

Various treatment options are available to assist the afflicted cope with the pain. If you ask, “can chiropractors help arthritis,” then knowing a few details about this condition might answer your question.

Basic Facts

  • The Arthritis Foundation disclosed that arthritis is a common issue. However, not too many people fully understand the impact of this ailment.
  • Contrary to popular belief, arthritis is not a single illness. There are possibly over 100 variants of this condition.
  • It is one of the top contributing factors of disability in the United States, affecting millions of adults and children alike.
  • Arthritis can reduce a person’s range of motion.
  • The pain level might be mild for some while debilitating for others. One thing is sure – this painful condition can intensify over time.
  • Every chiropractor for joint pain believes that arthritis can set off other ailments like trigeminal neuralgia and sciatica.

Pain Symptoms

  • Feeling stiff Moving can become challenging. Even stretching your body brings about pain.
  • Puffy joints They may look reddish or not, but one thing is sure, they are bigger than usual. When you touch the area, the joint/s feel tender and often induce pain.
  • Snap or pop soundsYou would hear a noise similar to snaps or pops when flexing fingers.
  • ExhaustionAlthough this is not a direct indicator of joint pain, feeling weary does come from coping with arthritis.

Risk Factors

Although joint pain can affect anyone without discrimination, certain factors can make a person susceptible.

  • Genetics A family member with joint pain increases the likelihood of being diagnosed with arthritis.
  • Weight Being overweight increases the stress on the joints. If not addressed, the additional weight can hasten the natural wear and tear of the bones and discs.
  • LifestyleFood preferences, vices, and stress are factors that can induce joint pain. Smoking, for instance, can dehydrate the fluid that keeps the bones and discs in place. When this happens, movement becomes stiff and painful.
  • Age As a person gets older, the bone structure becomes weaker and more prone to injury.

Relief Options

Joint pain has the potential to become pervasive and debilitating. With the massive number of people affected by this discomfort daily, it is unsurprising when people start considering questions like “can chiropractors help arthritis?” The primary relief options are:

  • Pain medications Although medicine might not treat the root cause, it can certainly alleviate the pain. After removing this obstacle, the afflicted can carry on with his daily activities.
  • Surgery This option is available primarily to those who have incredibly damaged joints. In some cases, like knees and hips, surgeons can install artificial replacements.
  • Therapy Working through the stiffness and the pain to address the tension and regain flexibility is possible with a physical therapist’s help.
  • Chiropractic care Chiropractors for joint pain have extensive experience in dealing with conditions like arthritis. They identify the swollen joints and uncover the underlying reasons, which can include displacement.

If you would like to learn more care tips for arthritis and joint pain, read our articles here.

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