Work-related Factors that Can Worsen Your Sciatica Symptoms

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Have you ever encountered a sharp, shooting pain that runs from your lower back to your leg because of sciatica? Do you have a persistent tingling sensation that makes you feel uneasy while you operate heavy machinery or walk around your workspace? Are you worried that your sciatica pain will get so bad you have to file for a week-long leave?  

Notably, sciatic pain can worsen because of several factors, including your current work. And sometimes, the symptoms gradually build up without you noticing. The worst part is that they can eventually lead to long-term work leave, job loss, expensive treatment costs, and significant physical impairment.  

Whether you sit at a desk all day or work on your feet for hours, it does not matter because many factors can exacerbate sciatica discomfort. 

In this article, we'll explore some of the most common work-related risk factors for this condition, give tips on coping and explain the importance of receiving an atlas bone adjustment.

Sciatica Occupational Factors to Watch Out For

Here are some of the most common risk factors in different professions that can aggravate sciatica.

#1. Prolonged sitting

Sitting for extended periods can put pressure on the lower back and legs, exacerbating sciatica pain if you already have it. Unfortunately sitting for long hours is common among many professions, including office clerks, writers, accountants, and graphic designers. If you share a similar situation with these professionals, use ergonomic chairs and take frequent breaks to stretch and walk around to reduce the risk of developing sciatica pain from prolonged sitting. 

#2. Excessive standing

Standing for extended periods is another very typical sciatica pain. So, if your current occupation requires you to do so, consider wearing supportive footwear and taking breaks to sit down and rest your legs. If you work in retail or healthcare, allow yourself a few minutes to sit or stretch every 30 minutes.

#3. Lifting heavy objects

Continuously lifting heavy objects can strain the lower back and legs, making your sciatica pain much worse when it flares up. Movers, warehouse helpers, and lumber yard workers are just a few examples of occupations susceptible to intense low back pain. They can reduce their risk of developing or worsening their sciatica pain by being mindful of their postures and using proper lifting techniques and lifting aids such as carts or dollies.

#4. Repetitive movements

Activities like bending or twisting can put undue mechanical pressure on your lower back and the sciatic nerve bundle. Such movements are common among construction workers, musicians, gardeners, landscapers, and chefs. If you happen to do repetitive activities, make necessary adjustments to your position. This way, you don’t consistently strain your muscles, joints, and nerve tissues. 

#5. Awkward postures

Gymnasts, ballet dancers, and acrobats are also at risk for sciatica pain. If you work in this field, do ample stretching exercises before you begin your usual routine. Doing so will prepare your body and lessen your chances of getting injured. work, sciatica, atlas bone adjustment

Gentle Atlas Bone Adjustment for Sciatica Relief

Awareness of the occupation-related risk factors of sciatica can make a huge difference in your symptoms. Notably, it can contribute to alleviating your symptoms and improve how you manage your condition. However, take note that your efforts shouldn’t stop there. Instead, you should avoid shrugging off the root cause of your condition. One way you can do that is by receiving an atlas bone adjustment.Topmost neck bone adjustments from an Upper Cervical doctor is a non-surgical long-term solution that can release pressure off your sciatic nerve. The technique addresses misalignments in the neck that commonly develop after mild to severe neck and head trauma like concussions and whiplash. Many people have found this approach to be effective and life-changing. So why not give it a try and see how it can change your life too? This way, you can begin working without constantly worrying about agonizing sciatica pain. Schedule an appointment with a chiropractor near you today and experience the benefits of non-invasive, holistic sciatica relief option.

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