Will Your Migraine Headaches Be Considered a Pre-Existing Condition?

Are migraine headache attaks considered as a pre-existing condition?
Some migraine patients are concerned that current legislation in the US could lead to loss of insurance or other medical hardships. While the purpose of this blog is not to comment on political issues of any particular nation but simply to provide assistance in finding relief from various health conditions, we realize many of our readers could be concerned about how changing laws may affect their ability to get coverage. Here are a few things you should know.

What Happens to Migraine Patients in AHCA?

The short answer is nothing, at least as long as you never have a gap in coverage. A pre-existing condition affects patients who are trying to get insurance, not patients who already have it. So if you have concerns, the primary thing is not to let your health coverage lapse. But what if your coverage does lapse, perhaps due to a lost job?

Unfortunately, migraines may be considered a preexisting condition. As a result, insurance companies may be able to refuse coverage or charge a higher monthly premium to patients with migraine headaches. These are matters each person will have to work with if the situation arises.  

Finding Long-Term Relief from Migraines Headaches

Of course, if you could find a way to get lasting relief from migraines, you may not need to see the doctor as often. You may be thinking, “If it was that easy, I’d already be migraine-free.” However, there is an often-overlooked underlying cause of migraines – a subluxation in the C1 vertebra (atlas). If your problem springs from here, a gentle adjustment may be just what you need to see significant improvement.

An upper cervical chiropractor has training to identify and precisely measure atlas misalignments. Then a low force correction is used to provide long-lasting relief that gives the body time to heal. For some, migraines are helped in just 1 or 2 adjustments. Others have seen migraines go away and stay away once the atlas is holding in place. Contact an upper cervical chiropractor near you to learn if this may be an option in your case.

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