Why Ignoring Back Pain is a Big Mistake

ibuprofen for back pain, Blair chiropractic

The body is a fascinating biological feat. That’s because it has its way of telling you that you’re sick. For example, muscle stiffness could mean that you feel stressed out. Dizziness could indicate low blood sugar, hunger, or vestibular problems. But what if you have back pain? Does it always mean that you have an inflamed back muscle or joint? Can it also be a sign that you have a bad posture, sore back muscles, or even worn-out intervertebral discs

One thing is for sure, though: you should never be too complacent when dealing with back pain. Instead of waiting for it to go away, it would be wise to try remedies like taking ibuprofen for back pain or seeking Blair chiropractic care and physical therapy. 

More importantly, it’s extra crucial to keep observing your symptoms and see if they progress or trigger the onset of additional problems. 


Reasons Behind Back Pain That You Should Never Take for Granted

While a bit of soreness in the back might not be that alarming, there are, indeed, specific causes of back pain that you must never ignore. Usually, doctors characterized these severe health concerns as an existing pain made worse by a new source of pain plus accompanying symptoms. 

So, even if you feel tempted to shrug your shoulders and leave things be, these simple warning signs may tell you that something serious may be happening in your body. Here are the types of back pain that you should pay more attention to: 

Sharp pain when you exercise

This could denote that you’re about to suffer from a lumbar or lower back strain. On the other hand, it could be a sign of impending muscle, ligament, or joint damage. Going to the doctor right away can help protect your lower back and reduce the discomfort you experience.  It can also reduce your risks for immobility, an expected impact of a severely damaged muscle or joint damage. 

Pain after a neck or head injury 

Back pains after an injury such as a concussion or whiplash can result in serious problems such as cervical spine misalignment. Were you involved in an accident recently? Did you recently trip or fall? 

If yes, you may need to seek help from a Blair chiropractic doctor because your neck bones might have slipped from their original position. And when your spinal’s natural curvature becomes messed up, your muscles and back muscles suffer. 

Back pain that doesn’t seem to go away

It’s been more than ten days, but you still have intense backache. Even after taking ibuprofen for back pain, the pain continues to haunt you. The worst part is that the pain has significantly progressed. If this sounds like your situation, your best option is to seek assistance from your physician. 

This way, you can determine the most likely cause of your discomfort. The sooner you get yourself assessed by a doctor or a therapist, the sooner you can resolve the leading cause of your suffering.   

ibuprofen for back pain, Blair chiropractic

Back pain accompanied by abdominal soreness 

Flank pain or pain in your sides, upper abdomen, and back may be a sign of an organ problem. It could be your kidneys, liver, or your pancreas, so it's crucial to consult with your physician as soon as you can.

Back pain with fever

A fever is one of the many signs of an infection. Raising your body's temperature is your body's way of fighting off any pathogen that may be making you sick. 

This means, if you have back pain accompanied by a fever without an unexplainable source (such as flu, colds, etc.), you might have an infection. We suggest observing yourself and calling for a doctor's appointment if you still feel the same or if your symptoms progressed after a few days.

Pain with muscle tingling or numbness

A significant number of patients who seek Blair chiropractic care have muscle numbness or tingling. And, most of these individuals have this symptom because of an irritated or compressed nerve. 

If you also experience the same, especially on your upper or lower extremities, then one or two of your nerve fibers might be compressed or irritated because of the following:

  • Herniated disc
  • Bone spurs
  • Cervical misalignment
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Facet joint osteoarthritis


What to Do When Ibuprofen for Back Pain Doesn’t Cut It?

Back pains may not seem like a cause for immediate concern, especially when the symptoms disappear after a couple of days. However, when it does worsen or if you suspect that it’s your body’s way of warning you of a bigger problem, you should definitely seek ways to resolve it. 

However, what do you do when the pain stays after you tried everything, like taking your go-to brand of ibuprofen for back pain? What’s your next best option when back pain remedies like massages, aromatherapy, and stretching didn’t work for you?

Maybe it’s time to seek a new path to healing – one that specifically addresses the root cause of your suffering. And there’s no better option that we can recommend than Blair chiropractic.

Blair chiropractic is a unique upper cervical care technique that aims to restore neck alignment. It’s a gentle and precise procedure carried out by a neck chiropractor. The upper cervical chiropractic adjustments can take up to several weeks or months to complete, depending on your cervical spine misalignment severity. 

If you wish to learn more about this unique approach to healing back pain, you can get in touch with a nearby upper cervical doctor.


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