Why Am I Nauseous? 8 Possible Explanations

Nauseous, natural remedies for vertigo

Experiencing nausea can be an awful and worrying experience. Just imagine feeling nauseated in the middle of a busy street! It can result in accidents and life-threatening injuries. So naturally, you would want to know how you can relieve it. Does trying natural remedies for vertigo or taking medications for nausea work? What about aromatherapy, acupuncture, or yoga breathing?

Now, before you get too excited to try every possible remedy for nausea, we recommend identifying the root cause of your symptom. Is it a temporary problem? Could it be a severe health condition? The more you know about the cause of your nausea, the better outcome you can have. Check out our list of 8 possible reasons why you feel nauseous.  

1. Medications

While medications help address various diseases or conditions, sometimes they can cause side effects, including nausea. Some examples of these medications include antidepressants, aspirin, antibiotics, and opioid pain medication. If you observe adverse side effects from your prescription, you can consult with your physician to know whether to change your medicine or adjust the dosage. 

2. Cardiovascular problem

Did you know that more than 655,000 patients die from cardiovascular diseases each year?  To date, it continues to be among the leading causes of mortality in the country. Additionally, it is among the frequently reported cause of nausea. The symptom typically occurs with digestive problems like indigestion or heartburn during a heart attack.

If you suspect having a heart problem, you should consult with your physician or cardiologist right away. This way, you can plan how to manage your condition and address symptoms such as nausea.

3. Anxiety disorders

Anxiety-related nausea can cause the stomach to churn excessively, causing you to feel sick. This happens because when we get stressed out, the body releases hormones that activate the fight or flight response. Usually, the symptoms go away once you calm down, so we recommend trying relaxation techniques like deep breathing or mindfulness exercise.  You can also talk to a therapist to manage your anxiety and stress triggers. 

4. Chemotherapy reaction

Every year, about 650,000 patients receive chemotherapy sessions to treat their cancer. Unfortunately, a significant number of these individuals experience nausea and vomiting as side effects of the treatment. Studies explain that such symptoms appear because of the following:

  • The signals from the chemoreceptor trigger zone that reacts to the chemicals in the injected drug
  • The sensory signals from your ears and eyes
  • The signals from other parts of the body that detect irritation or damage

Usually, doctors provide an anti-nausea prescription to help patients cope better. However, if that doesn't work, you can try other options like practicing relaxation techniques or trying acupuncture therapy.

Nauseous, natural remedies for vertigo

5. Blood sugar level fluctuations

Nausea is among the hallmark symptoms of blood sugar fluctuations. Like anxiety attacks, a sudden increase or decrease in your blood sugar can activate your body’s fight or flight response. The body releases your stress hormone, adrenaline, which speeds up various processes, including digestion.

Unlike in most of the health conditions in this list, blood sugar level changes can be hard to detect without testing your blood. So, if you have a known condition that affects your blood sugar regulation, like diabetes, we recommend keeping a portable testing kit. This way, you can confirm if it’s the reason behind your nausea and vomiting symptoms.

6. Traumatic brain injury

Roughly 2.5 million people suffer from a traumatic brain injury in the USA each year. Many of these individuals report symptoms like vertigo, nausea, and vomiting. Some even say that their symptoms linger weeks or months after the accident. Indeed, it’s a problem that can leave a mild to severe impact on the patient. 

In most cases, patients turn to natural remedies for vertigo, like upper cervical chiropractic, to cope with their post TBI symptoms. According to studies, patients with TBI often have misaligned upper neck bones that impinge on tissues like the brainstem and nerves. It also impedes fluid drainage, which worsens vertigo and nausea-causing health conditions like BPPV.

7. Motion sickness

We have many patients who seek natural remedies for vertigo because of motion sickness. Most of these individuals report several symptoms, which include nausea. Suppose you experience spinning sensations, vomiting, or nausea when you ride a car, boat, or other modes of transportation. In that case, we suggest talking to your physician or an upper cervical care doctor. You likely have an underlying health condition that may be contributing to your motion sickness. 

One example might be inflammation inside the inner ears. Another potential cause may be BPPV, a vestibular disorder that triggers spinning sensations when the head moves. Once you identify the root cause of your motion sickness, you can find the most suitable remedy to use. 

8. Vertigo

Vertigo is a widely reported symptom in the USA, affecting about 40 percent of the population. If you have vertigo, you will most likely experience nausea and vomiting because of the disorienting feeling that the symptom causes. It primarily stems from a faulty vestibular system. When the brain receives mixed-up signals from your inner ear, the organ that detects changes in balance and motion, you experience false movements or spinning sensations.  

In most cases, patients looking for natural remedies for vertigo seek an upper cervical chiropractic doctor. That’s because upper cervical care shows excellent potential in relieving vertigo symptoms, including nausea and vomiting. 

If your nausea results from vertigo attacks, we recommend calling a local upper cervical care doctor and booking a consultation. 


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