When Migraines Get in the Way of Your Routine

migraine and neck pain, upper cervical chiropractic

You’re supposed to go out and have fun today. But, unexpectedly, a terrible migraine episode starts, and you know what happens next. You have migraine and neck pain that leaves you wincing for hours. The light from your screen and the windows make you feel uncomfortable. And to make things worse, you feel like throwing up. If it’s any consolation to you, about 39 million Americans have the same plight. 

Millions of patients seek care and management techniques like upper cervical chiropractic and aromatherapy to help them enjoy some semblance of a normal and pain-free life. But are these methods helpful? Can they, indeed, help you when migraines get in the way of everything you do?


How Migraines Impact Your Quality of Life

Migraines can be such a nightmare to deal with, especially if they happen several times a week. The worse part is that it triggers a long list of health problems. 

For example, according to reports, about 69 percent of people who frequently experience migraine attacks report neck pain as their primary symptom (besides headaches and visual auras, of course!).

Unfortunately, with limited head movements and a nagging headache, it becomes harder to concentrate on your classes, household activities, or work tasks. 

If you’re a mom with small kids in the household, your frequent migraine and neck pain episodes can also affect your mood, especially when your toddlers turn their mischievousness up a notch. 

If you’re an office employee who has to commute every day to work, the honking of cabs and private vehicles passing by will irk you and cause intense throbbing in your head. 

Are you a student going to the uni and busy preparing for an upcoming test? The minute you feel burnt out, you become more likely to experience the first few phases of an attack.


You’re Not Alone! Millions of People Have Migraines

Upper cervical chiropractic doctors have heard countless stories of frustrated and hopeless migraineurs. In addition, they’ve had patients coming from various groups of people, suggesting that migraines are not limited to middle-aged adults, child-bearing women, and individuals who drink excessive amounts of pain relievers. 

Also, migraines affect various professions. Whether you work in an assembly line in a factory or a corporate office, you’re certainly not safe from experiencing painful migraines. 

migraine and neck pain, upper cervical chiropractic

How Do You Outsmart Migraine Attacks?

As much as you want to take better control of the situation, sometimes, migraine attacks can get the best of you. 

You might be on your way to work, in the kitchen frying some bacon and hotdog, at the library finishing a school task, or in a room calming down a wailing child. Unfortunately, a migraine episode can happen anywhere, anytime, without any apparent warning signs.

So, what can you do to adjust? The answer lies in observing your episodes and noting when they usually occur and what sort of things tend to trigger your symptoms.

Do you notice more attacks when you’re eating processed food? What about certain sounds or the scent of someone’s perfume?

Keep track of these triggers and migraine attack patterns to help you gain insights into your overall condition. This way, you get to anticipate an episode before it happens, and you can prepare better.

Besides observing your episodes, you might also find it helpful to try remedies or lifestyle adjustments designed to relieve migraine and neck pain. Some examples include:

  • Applying a cool towel on your forehead or neck to ease the throbbing
  • Reducing your alcohol intake, especially during the summer season
  • Investing in ergonomic workspace equipment for better neck support
  • Following body posture correction techniques to avoid neck pain
  • Saying yes to an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Taking medications for headaches as needed (and not going over the prescribed dosage)
  • Making sure you sleep well to help improve your mood and avoid sudden headaches
  • Joining yoga or mindful exercises to manage stress and anxiety


Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care and Migraines

Indeed, migraines can take the fun out of everything we do– if you let it get to you. Thankfully, besides the relief options above, there’s another option you can try– upper cervical chiropractic care. 

Essentially, this simple approach to healing focuses on the alignment of your topmost neck bones, the C1 and C2. Sometimes, injuries from a car collision, physical trauma, or abuse can put immense pressure on the top neck bones. 

When this happens, they gradually shift from their position, causing a series of side effects to the body, such as unleveled shoulders and hips, poor fluid drainages in your head, and the onset of various migraine symptoms, including neck pain and visual auras.

Unfortunately, not many people know that they have an upper cervical misalignment, causing them to experience worsening migraine and neck pain symptoms. If this sounds like your story, then we suggest consulting with a migraine chiropractor today. 

This way, you can finally take control of your episodes, just like the rest of upper cervical care patients that have benefited from precise and gradual neck bone adjustments. 

With your migraine attacks kept at bay, you can finally enjoy a weekend barbecue with families and friends, a road trip during summer, or just a typical day at the office without worrying about your symptoms. Imagine how fun things can be with lesser migraine attacks each month.

Start enjoying freedom from migraine and neck pain plus other debilitating symptoms with the help of an upper cervical chiropractic doctor near you. So call and book an upper cervical care appointment today!


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