Is There a Way to Eliminate Upper Neck Pain?

upper neck pain

The Internet world has pushed thousands to work in front of their computers all day. But, unfortunately, many people give very little thought to eliminating or minimizing everyday stressors when working until they begin causing crippling symptoms like upper neck pain.

If this sounds like a story taken straight out of your diary, we suggest scrolling down and checking our guide on eliminating neck painthe best way possible.


Why Do I Have Upper Neck Pain?

The most common reason for upper neck pain is tension or muscle strain. However, there are instances when it develops because the topmost bones slide into the wrong position. Sometimes, this chain of events follows an accident that forces the neck to jolt. It can also happen because of repetitive movements, poor posture, and disc degeneration diseases.

If your bones compress or irritate nearby tissues like your muscles, nerve roots, and brainstem, you become susceptible to chronic muscle and nerve pain. So, we strongly suggest looking into holistic remedies like upper cervical care to help address the root cause and promote faster and lasting healing. 

Additionally, we recommend looking at your neck, head, and shoulder while sitting. As much as possible, you should tilt your computer monitor just enough to reach eye level. This will keep you from looking down and straining your neck bones, joints, and muscles.  

If your job requires doing rigorous manual tasks, we recommend working on your posture when carrying or lifting items or bending your body.


Home Care Options for Neck Pain

If you are experiencing neck pain, several home remedies are worth trying. If done correctly and religiously, they can give immediate or temporary relief. 

Putting warm and cold compress interchangeably on the affected area 

Since time immemorial, people have used heat and cold to soothe pain and heal the body. A cold compress numbs the pain and stops any inflammation. On the other hand, a warm compress relaxes the muscles and helps with proper blood flow that promotes healing.

Give your body enough time to recuperate 

Sometimes, taking a break can make all the difference. You might have overworked your muscles, joints, and bones and reached your body’s limit to perform physically taxing tasks. If you experience pain, you should consider slowing down. Give yourself a couple of days before returning to your duties. 

Do some gentle stretching or engage in low-impact exercises 

Gentle stretching or low impact exercises are seemingly simple activities that come in handy in loosening muscles in the neck area. We suggest dedicating 10 to 15 minutes a day to stretch or do low-impact exercises like walking, yoga, and stationary cycling.

Check your working space

Millions of employees have shifted to a remote working environment worldwide. If you’re among these individuals, you should consider improving your working space at home. Check the chairs and tables and see that they help you keep your back straight while you sit for hours.

upper neck pain






Ask an upper cervical doctor to check your neck 

As mentioned earlier, upper neck pain can sometimes indicate neck bone shifting. So, if your symptoms don’t fade after seeking natural remedies or following the usual patient routinely for neck pain, we suggest visiting an upper cervical chiropractic doctor. 

Take advantage of the benefits of a relaxing massage every week 

Massage can do wonders in relaxing sore muscles. So, you might find it helpful to get a relaxing massage once a week or a few times a month. Just remember to opt for a soft massage to avoid aggravating the pain.

Mind your sleeping position and check your pillows and bed

Many people experience intense neck pain when they wake up because of poor sleeping positions (like lying on the belly). If you often have an achy neck after getting out of bed, it may be a sign to work on your sleeping position or shop for a new pillow and mattress.


Improving Posture to Eliminate Upper Neck Pain

Maintaining good posture can provide you with plenty of life-changing benefits. For starters, it can boost your confidence and make you look better. Additionally, it can end horrible and chronic symptoms like neck pain, pins and needles, and stiff neck. 

If you suspect having a postural problem because of disc degeneration or cervical subluxation, you can most certainly seek an upper cervical doctor. This way, you can correct the postural abnormality and release the accumulating tension on your spine, brainstem, and neck.  

Essentially, the technique aims to restore the delicate balance in your spinal column. It uses precise measurements and digital imaging scans of the C1 and C2 bones to ensure that you receive ample adjustments and eliminate the source of your postural imbalance. It also uses very minimal force on the neck to ease your body into healing naturally. 

For several decades, patients have turned to this natural and holistic remedy for upper neck pain. So, plenty of people can vouch for its promising potential and its excellent health benefits. 

If you’re ready to check out this superb neck pain remedy, you can try locating an upper cervical doctor near your area for your first neck bone assessment.


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