Can Water-based Activities Provide Vertigo Relief?

vertigo relief

It's difficult to lose balance every now and then, especially if you constantly attend to several tasks like taking care of kids or going back and forth to work. Moreover, dizziness or vertigo attacks can increase your risk for accidents. This means the sooner you can find a suitable source of vertigo relief, the better chances you have at living with little to no interruptions to your daily life.

One example of a remedy you can check out is a water-based activity or aquatic therapy. Notably, many people diagnosed with vestibular conditions take advantage of swimming and hydrotherapy to cope better with their recurring episodes. Let's help you understand how this source of vertigo relief works and how you can combine it with other known remedies like Upper Cervical Chiropractic.


Hydrotherapy for Vertigo: How Does it Work?

Hydrotherapy or aquatic therapy is essentially physical therapy done in the swimming pool. Studies explain that hydrotherapy offers patients a safe space to exercise. It limits the risk of slipping and falling because the water supports the body's weight while you perform the required exercises.  Hydrotherapy also encourages slow and controlled movements, which can help your body adjust and restore your original posture and improve the transmission and reception of sensory stimuli. According to a 2015 study, engaging in hydrotherapy for at least 40 minutes every two weeks can help you lessen the severity of your vertigo episodes or dizzying spells. Another study points out that at least 12 hydrotherapy sessions may help vertigo patients see significant changes in their overall wellness. 

Who Needs Hydrotherapy for Vertigo Attacks?

It's no secret that vertigo episodes can indicate various vestibular problems. That's why hydrotherapy is a widely sought-after source of vertigo relief. Below is a quick list of the usual triggers or causes of vertigo or dizzying spells:

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo 

This condition stems from displaced fragments of the inner ear crystals (a.ka. otoliths). Patients diagnosed with this vestibular disorder often complain about vertigo episodes that worsen with sudden head movements. 

Meniere's disease 

This vertigo-causing issue stems from abnormal fluid drainage in the inner ears. It can also stem from poorly managed viral or bacterial infections. It causes balance problems, disorientation, and even hearing impairment. 

Brainstem or vestibular nerve tumor 

Tumor growthon the brainstem or vestibular nerve can impede your brain's ability to receive and perceive signals from the inner ears. Unfortunately, this can affect how you balance and discern movements around you. And it could lead to other issues like temporary vision problems, numbing on one side of the face, and body coordination difficulties. 

Neckbone misalignments 

The topmost neck bones can quickly shift away from their supposed position. Unfortunately, signal transmission between the inner ears and the brain gets disrupted when this happens. The bones also tug on the muscles attached to our neck and head, increasing your risks. vertigo relief

Maximize Your Ability to Enjoy Vertigo Relief

Besides hydrotherapy, Upper Cervical Chiropractic is an excellent option for vertigo relief. This technique addresses posture problems that make it hard for your brain and vestibular organs to function smoothly. We suggest getting in touch with an Upper Cervical doctor so you can check for neck bone misalignments and receive ample chiropractic adjustments. The initial appointment will help you make a difference in your vestibular system function and address risks for issues that can worsen your vertigo episodes. These include vascular compression, poor blood flow to the head, and impaired inner ear fluid drainage. We suggest getting in touch with an Upper Cervical doctor near your location so you can schedule an appointment. The sooner you can address your neck bone misalignments, the quicker you can start seeing changes to your vertigo episodes and other vestibular health concerns.


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