Wallet Neuritis: Can A Wallet Cause Sciatica?

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The short answer - is YES! But, surprise, surprise, putting your wallet in the back pocket can lead to irritation of your sciatic nerve. Sciatica is a form of nerve pain that occurs when the sciatic nerve, the largest nerve in the body, which runs from your lower back down to your feet, becomes compressed or irritated. This pain is often described as a burning sensation that radiates through the body and can range from mild to intense. 

If you’re wondering how to get rid of sciatica fast, you first have to know why it’s happening in the first place. Wallet neuritis or wallet sciatica is not as common as other causes of sciatica, but it can happen. Usually, the symptoms are minor and can go away on their own. But if you are curious about how this happens, read further:


Reasons why you might end up with wallet sciatica 

Below are some possible reasons why wallet sciatica can happen:

  • Your wallet can press on your hip bone, and this pressure can extend up to your sciatic nerve. 
  • When you always put your wallet in your back pocket, your pelvis can be in a lopsided sitting position, and this bad positioning can irritate the sciatic nerve.
  • The wallet can stress your piriformis muscle and add to its wear and tear. This can bring added pressure on your sciatic nerve. 
  • Your spine can end up damaged and possibly deformed due to years of continuous pressure. 


How to Get Rid of Sciatica Pain

Your sciatica pain caused by wallet neuritis can go away once you start correcting your posture and you stop sitting on your wallet in your back pocket. This is usually minor and goes away on its own. If you’re the type who’s required to sit for extended periods during the day, taking regular breaks and stretching may also relax your nerves and muscles. If you’re a desk worker, using ergonomic chairs can also bring a lot of difference in supporting your back and neck area if you notice your sciatica symptoms, such as numbness or tingling sensations in different areas of your body.  

Neck Issue and Sciatica 

Another cause of sciatica that people don’t know much about can stem from the neck, usually due to upper cervical misalignment. Even though the first signs of sciatica are felt on your lower back, the irritation on your sciatic nerve can start from the topmost part of your spine. Patients who seek the best resolution on how to get rid of sciatica often get surprised to learn about this. Your upper cervical spine, where the topmost bones of your spine are located, is highly susceptible to misalignment. However, these bones also support the weight of your head, and if they’re misaligned, they will continue to keep your head straight. Eventually, the rest of the spine compensates for the alignment set from the top and can reach the lower parts of the spine. These misaligned bones can start irritating or putting undue pressure on the surrounding tissues and nerves, including the sciatic nerve. Correcting the misalignment is necessary to help restore your spine’s balance and alignment and eventually relieve the nerves, including the sciatic nerve, from undue pressure and stress.wallet, how to get rid of sciatica

Upper Cervical Care for Lasting Sciatica Relief

Upper cervical chiropractors may have the best answer on how to get rid of sciatica, especially if your pain stems from a misalignment of your upper cervical spine.By restoring the balance and alignment of your spine through safe and gentle movements, your nerves and the surrounding muscles and tissues are relieved of the pressure. Removing any interference also helps your body to heal on its own. Upper cervical chiropractic adjustments focus only on the topmost bones, your C1 (atlas) and C2 (axis) vertebrae - the most susceptible bones along the spinal column. The rest of the spinal bones will follow when these bones return to their proper alignment. This is when you can start noticing your sciatica pain slowly going away.If you notice sciatica symptoms that don’t seem to get better despite rest and other home remedies, it might be due to a misalignment in your upper cervical spine. We also strongly recommend booking your consultation with a cervical chiropractor if you have a history of whiplash, concussion or rear-end car collision accidents. Make sure to reach out to an upper cervical chiropractor near you as soon as possible to avoid further damage and eventually free yourself from pain.


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