How Walking Around Nature Can Lessen Migraine Intensities

walk, atlas subluxation

Are you baffled by the mysterious origin of migraine and the condition’s link to health concerns like atlas subluxation and physical trauma? Have you been going to headache specialists, doctors, or other healthcare professionals like upper cervical chiropractors to find ways to alleviate the symptoms and help migraineurs lead pain-free lives?

So far, a lot of migraineurs have been seeing excellent results from doing a few lifestyle modifications and tapping into natural and holistic remedies. One example is absorbing the invigorating energy of forests and nature parks during long walks.


Long Walks with Mother Nature Can Unlock Health Benefits

Sarah Cahill, an NZ resident, often had blinding headaches and other migraine symptoms until she began doing long walks with mother nature. As she retold in a blog post published in Wilderness Magazine, her episodic migraines (which occurred once a month and lasted for three days) became chronic, causing many problems and disruptions in her life. So, she took it upon herself to commit to a physically active lifestyle and join an individual local initiative in New Zealand called the Walk1200km Challenge. Basically, the challenge encourages NZ residents to take up walking as a new hobby to unlock a healthier, happier, fitter, and stronger version of themselves. Participants join a Facebook Group to keep track of their progress and connect with others. Weeks into her newfound love for nature, Sarah has observed significant improvements in her migraine episodes and overall health. She looks forward to continuing her journey and becoming migraine-free.  

Nature Trips and Migraine Episodes

Have you ever tried going on a peaceful morning stroll around the neighborhood? Do you try walking around nature parks in your locale during the summer or spring season? If you’ve attempted to engage in either of the two activities, chances are you already know how awesome it feels to be around nature.  The calming songs of birds flying by, the rustling of trees when the wind blows, and the soothing sounds of water trickling from a nearby stream are sometimes all you need to blow off steam after a long week. These can also help you prevent debilitating migraine episodes by lowering your stress levels – one of the leading triggers of painful attacks. Additionally, spending time with nature encourages physical activity, which can work wonders for your overall health. Studies share that low-impact and mild aerobic exercises like walking help migraineurs deter episodes from happening by improving physiological markers like blood pressure, heart rate, and endorphin release.  So, once the snowy season ends and nature parks become accessible again, you might want to schedule a good-old “forest bathing” session to keep your migraines from bothering you. Also, you might want to book an appointment with an Upper Cervical Chiropractor to learn more about a natural option for migraine relief.

walk, atlas subluxation

Correct Your Atlas Subluxation and Experience Massive Migraine Improvements

Besides getting in touch with nature, many people seeking migraine relief explore Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care. That’s because it’s a great way to ensure that your body works optimally, especially after a traumatic incident like whiplash or concussion. Unknown to many individuals, traumatic injuries – even after they heal – can cause lasting impacts on the body. One example is atlas subluxation or shifting of the topmost neck bone. When the body’s posture is out of whack, the rest of the structures connected to the spine, such as the brainstem, spinal cord, nerve roots, and muscles, also suffer. The issue also causes an imbalance in the brain due to impaired signal transmission and poor blood and cerebrospinal fluid flow.  Thankfully, you can manage the situation better by seeking the help of an Upper Cervical doctor. A quick assessment of the neck will provide the cervical chiropractor with the measurements needed to restore balance in your spine and relieve tension on the affected body structures. Hence, if your migraine episodes keep preventing you from living life to the fullest, you might try tapping into Upper Cervical Care. It’s a proven remedy that offers heaps of benefits from restored posture or revitalized health. Contact the nearest migraine chiropractic clinic in your city to schedule a consultation.

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