Waking Up With An Achy Neck: How To Cope Naturally

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Do you wake up every morning with neck pain, wondering when it will ever go away? Have you tried every remedy under the sun, but nothing seems to provide lasting relief? Have you ever had an accident or injury in the past that's caused your discomfort? Did you toss and turn all night, unable to find a comfortable position? Is it your pillow choice? Does it feel like you're carrying a bag of rocks on your shoulders? It's frustrating, exhausting, and downright debilitating. 

Neck pain is common and can happen to anyone at any time. Waking up with neck pain is a real bummer that can affect your entire mood. Unfortunately, only a few realize how much impact neck pain can bring until it's already there. An achy neck can make it challenging to go about your day-to-day activities and affect your mobility. 

Whether your neck pain is from an injury, bad posture, or just general stiffness, it's essential to take care of yourself and find ways to cope. Some neck pain may go away without intervention, but others require more attention. Upper cervical care is a promising method to help you get lasting relief. But knowing the possible causes of your achy neck is critical to getting proper care.

Causes of Your Neck Pain

#1. Sleeping position

Finding the best sleeping position is crucial for falling asleep fast and waking up with no pain. You can try laying on your back or sides, but if you prefer sleeping on your stomach, it's unsuitable for your neck. When you sleep on your stomach, you twist your neck to one side for too long and strain your muscles. It can lead to a sore and stiff neck when you wake up, putting pressure on your spine and back muscles.

#2. Pillow Choice

Did you know that there's a recommended pillow for your sleeping position? Choosing the right one is a trick to a healthy, pain-free neck in the morning. When you sleep, your neck and head spend hours on your pillow, so if you're using the wrong one, which does not support your head and neck properly, it can bring stress and tension to your neck muscles, leading to pain.

#3. Sudden movement

Sometimes, you can make sudden movements when you sleep, such as moving your limbs or sitting up abruptly while dreaming. When you also toss and turn at night, tension and stress can build up in your neck.

#4. Previous injury

The effects of injuries sometimes manifest weeks or months after the incident, such as whiplash or sports injuries. So if you were injured and hurt your neck, you may feel fine but wake up with a sore, stiff neck. This can also lead to upper cervical misalignment.

#5. Upper Cervical misalignment

Your Upper Cervical spine helps support your head's weight. If you work too long at your desk during the day or are glued to your screen without changing positions, your neck muscles work extra hard to keep your head upright. Doing this often can lead the upper spine bones to shift out of their proper alignment and trigger symptoms of neck pain. Once your upper cervical spine shifts from its proper alignment, you may experience worsening symptoms. They do not heal independently, so you will need Upper Cervical Care to return your bones to their proper alignment.

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Upper Cervical Care for Lasting Neck Pain Relief

Waking up with neck pain every morning is frustrating and exhausting, but you don't have to suffer any longer. Upper Cervical Care is a natural remedy that can help manage your pain and provide lasting relief. It's not a one-time fix, but through a series of gentle and safe adjustments by an Upper Cervical chiropractic doctor, you can correct the misalignment and restore balance to your body. If you have failed to find a suitable remedy or previously hurt or injured your neck or head, it’s a good idea to seek a cervical chiropractic doctor. Don't wait another day to feel like your best self again. Instead, check out this list of upper cervical chiropractic doctors who can help you take that step towards waking up pain-free and comfortable.

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