Can Vitamin C help patients cope with vertigo?

Vitamin C, natural remedies for vertigo

Most of you have had vertigo once in your lives⁠—a queasy feeling that makes you feel like the room is spinning around even when you’re not moving your body physically. Vertigo can make your normal activities difficult, but luckily there's something many people are already doing that can help ease symptoms. Incorporating vitamin C in your diet might just do the trick of easing the accompanying symptoms of vertigo and reducing its chance of recurrence. It's one of the less known natural remedies for vertigo.

Experiencing dizzying and spinning sensations can be debilitating, challenging, and upsetting, especially if it frequently happens, as it can be disruptive and interfere with your life. Long-term remedies such as Upper Cervical Care can help lessen the impact of a vertigo episode; it also pays to be familiar with other natural remedies for vertigo that you can practice.

According to a study conducted by Japanese experts, taking Vitamin C has the potential to become an effective new remedy to help patients effectively cope with vertigo symptoms caused by Meniere's disease. If you're a Meniere's disease patient, you might find it helpful to incorporate more fruits and vegetables high in ascorbic acid or vitamin C in your diet. You can get a lot of vitamin C from citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, cantaloupe, and green leafy vegetables.

Less-known Food Products to Help Ease Vertigo

Almond Milk

People who experience vertigo may curb their symptoms through regular consumption of almond milk. The main ingredient is almond which contains high levels of vitamin B12. If you lack this vitamin in your body, vertigo episodes may occur. Vitamin B12 helps maintain optimal nerve and blood cells, prevents the development of illnesses like megaloblastic anemia, and helps form red blood cells and DNA. This vitamin also improves cognitive function, enhances memory, boosts energy levels, and protects you against macular degeneration or a problem that affects your ability to see.

Lemon balm tea 

Lemon balm is a popular herb used to relieve migraines, vertigo, and other health conditions such as insomnia, nervous tension, and even depression. It's believed to be one of the fastest natural remedies for vertigo that you can safely take in small to moderate quantities. You can consume it fresh from the garden or purchase packed tea leaves. Feel free to drink this herbal tincture several times a day whenever you have an episode. 

Ginger tea

If lemon balm tea is unavailable, you can opt for ginger tea. It's close to the flavor of lemon balm and can provide the same calming effect. Ginger tea powder is also available in stores, or you can make fresh ginger tea by boiling a ginger root in water. You may drink this relaxing tea twice a day, especially when you notice worse symptoms. 

Ginkgo biloba supplements 

For those unfamiliar with this supplement, it's popular in traditional Chinese medicine that manages various health conditions such as hearing loss, brain fog, macular degeneration, and tinnitus. This herbal plant is used as an ingredient in health supplements nowadays or as a supplement of its own. If you are keen on taking ginkgo Biloba supplements or any other supplements, we encourage that you consult with your doctor first, especially if you're under other medications, to make sure you can mix them and you're safe overall.

Vitamin C, natural remedies for vertigo

Besides Vitamin C, Can Vitamin D Also Help Relieve Vertigo?

study published in 2020 suggests that people with BPPV or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo may benefit from taking vitamin D and calcium supplements to prevent vertigo episodes from recurring. The study's authors also share that this simple, low-risk way to help prevent vertigo may be especially effective for those who already have low vitamin D levels.The study involved subjects from Korea with BPPV whom doctors treated with head movements.

The participants were then separated into two groups, one for intervention, or those who will take the supplements, and one for observation, who will not take any supplements.After an average of one year, those who took supplements from the intervention group reported lower recurrence of vertigo episodes than those who took nothing or those in the observation group. Authors have seen about a 24 percent reduction in the annual recurrence rate.

This result suggests that vitamin D can help reduce vertigo episodes, particularly for those diagnosed with BPPV. Further study is necessary to understand better how vitamin D benefits those who experience vertigo episodes. But this can be a promising addition to a patient's efforts to find vertigo remedies that work, especially those keen on pursuing natural ways to cope with their vertigo episodes.

Other Natural Remedies for Vertigo That Work

Epley maneuver

Your vertigo episodes may be a symptom of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. This happens when the calcium crystals in your ears shift directions and move out of place, causing disorientation and spinning sensations. To stop the discomfort from happening, you will have to move the calcium crystals back to their original place. We highly recommend doing an Epley maneuver with a trained therapist to achieve maximum results, especially if it will be your first time trying this. Once you get the hang of it, you can try it at home as long as you can correctly execute the instructions for maneuvering. 

Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Many patients swear by how Upper Cervical Care has been a great help in managing their health concerns. This natural, safe and gentle technique shows promising potential to help patients get long-term relief for vertigo symptoms. Upper Cervical Chiropractic focuses only on the neck bones or your upper cervical spine bones⁠—the C1 and C2. These bones often slide away from their place and easily shift alignment even with the slightest pressure applied to the joints. A licensed upper cervical chiropractor will first assess your case to make sure the adjustments are what you need and explain the course of action they recommend. When the misalignment is corrected, your brain and body can start communicating clearly, transmitting clear signals from your body to your brain.

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Vertigo: you either suffer from it or don't. But with vitamin C and other natural remedies for vertigo, there's a high chance you will be able to alleviate your symptoms.

Over the years, there has been a rise in the popularity of Upper Cervical Chiropractic. To find a licensed upper cervical chiropractor in your city or state, you can browse a list of doctors in our directory specializing in different techniques, including NUCCA, Blair, Orthospinology, Atlas Orthogonal, EPIC, Knee Chest, and more.

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