Is Virtual Reality the Future of Vertigo Relief?

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Visual vertigo is a specific type of vertigo that involves visual stimuli as a trigger for an episode. A person dealing with the condition may struggle when shopping in a store with repeating displays or may experience a spinning sensation while seeing a movie in a theater – especially if there are a lot of shaky camera effects. Visual signals can be a trigger for vertigo. As a result, researchers are looking into using visual signals to help patients get relief. Is virtual reality the future of vertigo relief?

Research Involving Vertigo Diagnosis and Treatment

The BBC News reported on research being performed by psychologists at Cardiff University. Researchers are confident that virtual reality will eventually be a vital part of vertigo diagnosis and treatment. However, they are running into difficulties in the research process. Patients need to be constantly monitored and provided with many breaks because the visual stimulation can trigger a rapid response. Thus, researchers need to keep a bucket nearby for patient use.

An Existing Way to Get Help with Spinning Sensation

Rather than waiting for researchers to perfect the use of virtual reality as a form of vertigo care, why not seek out a natural relief method? We’re talking about upper cervical chiropractic care. Why is this niche within chiropractic often successful in helping patients?

Researchers agree that vertigo frequently begins following head or neck trauma and is often related to migraines, another condition that upper cervical chiropractors have been able to help successfully. The top two bones of the spine can affect the vestibular system (the body’s way of maintaining balance) by affecting everything from proper blood flow to the ears to the proper function of the brainstem. Correction of the misalignment gives the body the opportunity it needs to heal. The result may be relief from conditions like vertigo.

If you are suffering from spinning sensation, especially if you have a history of head or neck trauma, contact an upper cervical chiropractor near you. You may be on the path to getting real help for vertigo – with no nearby bucket required.

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