Vertigo – Is It a Sign of a Concussion?

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Vertigo is a common problem, and it grows ever more common the older a person is. However, vertigo is also the most common symptom of a concussion. It makes sense then, when a person is experiencing vertigo, to start by asking if the patient has hit his or her head lately. Why do concussions cause vertigo? What can be done to relieve vertigo without medication? Read on to learn more.

Why Concussions Cause False Sense of Movement

A concussion, or mild traumatic brain injury, occurs when either the skull is struck or the head is whipped around fast enough for the brain to strike the inside of the skull. When such an injury occurs, the neck often also suffers a great deal of strain. This may be enough for the upper cervical bones to come out of proper alignment.

The atlas and axis (top two bones of the neck) protect the brainstem and facilitate blood flow to the brain. As a result, subluxations in this location can lead to conditions that cause false sense of movement. In fact, due to the close proximity, these bones can actually affect the ears and create the conditions for long-term or chronic vertigo conditions like Meniere’s disease.

Alleviating Vertigo Naturally

It makes sense then that correcting the underlying problem would help vertigo ease up or clear up completely. That has been the experience upper cervical chiropractors have noticed. In fact, in one study involving 139 Meniere’s patients, 136 saw significant improvements in vertigo, many in as little as 6 weeks of care. Continued maintenance over the course of a couple of years led to even more outstanding results.

Upper cervical chiropractors use gentle and precise low-force corrections to move the atlas and axis back into position. If you are experiencing vertigo, especially if you have suffered a head or neck injury in the past, contact a practice near you to learn more about the process.

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