Vertigo Patient Gained Freedom Thanks to Upper Cervical Care

Have you ever experienced waking up in the morning where your whole world is spinning? As soon as you opened your eyes, all you could do was close them again, hoping it was nothing but a bad dream. But to your disappointment, it wasn't a dream but your reality. 

Vertigo and its accompanying symptoms can take away your time and energy to spend on what you love and what matters most. Have you ever found yourself avoiding certain activities or places because of the fear of experiencing vertigo? Have you ever missed a significant event or opportunity because of your debilitating symptoms? What about your relationships? Have they been affected by your constant battle with vertigo? Have you been more dependent on the people around you than you ever want? Shirley had the same experience.

Vertigo can make you feel like life is passing you by. It can leave you feeling helpless and unable to do what you used to do independently. But just like Shirley, there's a way to regain your freedom through gentle Upper Cervical Adjustments by a chiropractor for vertigo. When she experienced the benefits of this natural and non-invasive procedure, she was beyond happy. She was ecstatic!

Visiting A Chiropractor For Vertigo Got Her Freedom Back

Shirley was struggling with bouts of bad vertigo. It was difficult for her to look from side to side. Turning her head to look to one side can lead to a severe vertigo episode. Bending down was a real challenge too. Because of this, she felt like she had lost her independence. She couldn't even drive and became highly dependent on her husband. Being in this situation made Shirley very disappointed and prompted her to do something about it.

She wants to enjoy life, and because of lost time nursing vertigo episodes, she felt like she had much catching up to do. This was when she decided to come and visit a chiropractor for vertigo to help sort her issue. And she was glad she did.

Her experience involved a series of gentle Upper Cervical adjustments, and little by little, she started getting better and felt like herself again. Finally, she can turn her head from side to side without losing balance or footing. 

When asked to describe her experience under the care of a chiropractor for vertigo, in her own words, she says, "I am so thankful! Trust me, I'm so thankful for this!" 

How A Chiropractor For Vertigo Can Help

Vertigo is a symptom that can leave you feeling like the world around you is moving or spinning even when you're not moving at all. Sometimes the episodes can hit without warning, and the duration may vary. Some cases can disappear quickly or may linger for hours or even days.

An inner ear issue can result in vertigo due to debris buildup that interferes with transmitting signals from the ear to the brain. This interference can cause instability and a loss of balance, sometimes accompanied by a ringing in the ear. In other cases, vertigo can result from accidents or injuries that injure the neck bones, affecting the surrounding parts. This can eventually lead to Upper Cervical misalignments that manifest in physical symptoms after the incident. It can be days, weeks, months, or even years from the accident.

Upper Cervical Chiropractors focus on maintaining the alignment or balance of your atlas and axis bones. If you suddenly experience recurring vertigo for no apparent reason, getting your spine alignment checked may benefit you just as it did for Shirley.

If you're suffering from vertigo, it can feel like you're stuck in a never-ending cycle of instability and dizziness. But you can take back the freedom that was stolen from you. Use this directory of Upper Cervical Chiropractors to find one near you.

Watch Shirley's testimonial here.

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