Vertigo - Often Ignored & Still a Common Reasons for Doctor Visits

Why people ignore vertigo symptoms?

Vertigo is a health condition that causes what seems to be a paradox. The fact is that many people will brush the occasional dizzy spell off as a minor inconvenience. At the same time, this is one of the most common reasons that someone ends up at the doctor. The fact is that many will go weeks or even months suffering from vertigo before deciding to get it checked out. And it’s still a common reason for office visits because over 10% of the total population experiences vertigo and over 40% of the 40-and-over population.

Dangers Related to Vertigo

While vertigo itself is often a benign condition, it may be the sign of something serious and should result in medical attention if it continues. The other danger to vertigo patients is that it increases the risk of a fall by 13 times, according to one doctor. A woman from Seattle told news reporters that she fell in the shower after getting dizzy resulting in a knee sprain. She also needed to get picked up at work one day because she was too dizzy to drive home on her own (a good decision to make that call).

Natural Help for Vertigo Sufferers

There are some positions that may help reset the fluid in the ear. If this is causing vertigo, moving in those particular positions can help. In fact, it is easy to look up the proper neck and head positions online to give it try when vertigo occurs. However, more chronic vertigo problems may have an underlying cause in the neck.

If the C1 and C2 vertebrae are out of proper alignment, vertigo can be just one result. An accident, sports injury, or even a simple fall can easily cause these vertebrae to become misaligned. Don’t write the accident off as unrelated just because dizziness didn’t set in right away. Sometimes it may take months or even years for symptoms to occur.

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