Is Vertigo Hereditary? It’s Time for More Natural Interventions

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It’s one of those days when you experience another vertigo attack and you visit your doctor to get a new prescription of Serc to get rid of the extreme discomfort caused by dizziness. You wish there’s an alternative for traditional medicine, a natural remedy, or perhaps a chiropractor for vertigo that might help. But you just feel stuck because you feel the need to replenish your Serc stash; otherwise, you might get another vertigo attack anytime, and that drug has become your security blanket.

If you stumbled upon this blog post and at the same time thinking that there might be a better and a more natural way to ease your vertigo attacks, then you’re in luck.

While betahistine prescriptions like Serc are known as the right drug for vertigo attacks related to Meniere’s disease, there are more natural and proven ways that can help.


Get to Know Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s disease, whose main symptom is vertigo, is a complex inner ear disorder. The abnormal condition affecting the inner ear is what’s causing dizzy spells. If you have Meniere’s or suspect you have it, then read on.

Aside from vertigo, Meniere’s is also accompanied by episodic ringing of the ear or tinnitus, aural pressure, and hearing loss. Tinnitus, or ringing, can be reported as buzzing or even roaring, depending on its severity. Patients have reported that roaring happens when a vertigo attack hits at the same time.

Hearing disruption is likewise episodic and can come and go. However, there are cases that it might last longer for those who develop permanent Meniere’s disease.

Let’s focus on vertigo since it is the main symptom.

While there are studies that show that having Meniere’s could have something to do with one’s lifestyle or diet, there are still several pieces of evidence that support a genetic contribution to Meniere’s

This is why natural alternatives are advisable over traditional medications, like seeking a chiropractor for vertigo.

chiropractor for vertigo






Some Ways to Minimize Your Vertigo Episodes

If you’ve been trying to find ways to minimize or relieve your vertigo attacks, then here’s a list for you.

Stick to a low salt diet

Sodium-containing foods are found to be irritants and may cause fluid accumulation in the inner ear. Hence, avoiding them is the smartest choice. 

Choose caffeine-free drinks

Like salt, caffeine can also worsen the condition of your inner ear, leaving you prone to vertigo attacks. Note that caffeine is found not only in coffee but also in sodas and some teas. Better ask your tea supplier before getting bags that will fill you up for a whole month.

Avoid food colorants

Certain foods that contain food colorants are also found to aggravate the inner ear condition. 

Low sugar intake

This does not only include candies, chocolate or sweet desserts, like your favorite cheesecake or cupcakes. Food rich in carbohydrates can also be a culprit, as we know they break down to sugar. Fruits, as well, should be kept to a minimum. Better yet, eat them fresh, as frozen fruits tend to get higher fructose content.

Maintain a stress-free environment

Less stress in your environment may help keep those vertigo attacks at bay and lessen the severity of Meniere’s.

In addition to the environment, places with loud music (e.g. concert halls) or any place where the audio is turned all the way to max might not be a good spot to hang out. Better avoid it and consider a quiet time at your nearest coffee shop (and yes, no caffeine intake, please).

Visit a chiropractor for vertigo

A case study was done on 139 patients with Meniere’s disease, and all of them have been found to have a misaligned vertebra at the top of their necks. To help ease the discomfort and lessen the frequency of vertigo attacks, an upper cervical chiropractor gave them adjustments tailored to their needs.  More than 90% of the patients reported back with a huge improvement in their symptoms. Some of them even said their Meniere’s were gone entirely.


Find a Certified Chiropractor for Vertigo Near You Today

Chiropractors for vertigo use a gentle method to alleviate vertigo symptoms. During the upper cervical chiropractic intervention, the top bones of the neck naturally move back to their original positions, which is why the pressure that sends confusing signals to the brain goes away.   

Given that there’s a chance that your vertigo could be hereditary, it is always a good idea to seek natural ways to alleviate the repeated discomfort. Change in diet and lifestyle and the addition of natural methods like those performed by doctors of chiropractic can help lessen your vertigo episodes. 

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