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Do you know someone who has suffered from vertigo? It's a disorienting and sometimes debilitating condition that many factors, including accidents, can cause. For Lisa, vertigo became a part of her life after two car crashes - one as a child and another as an adult.

In this article, we'll join Lisa on her journey to recovery, shedding light on the impact that vertigo can have on one's life if not addressed promptly and correctly. Lisa's story reminds us that even the most seemingly minor injuries can significantly impact our lives, but with the proper care, we can overcome them and reclaim our health. Join us as we tackle Lisa’s experience with Upper Cervical Care.


How It All Started: How Lisa’s Car Crash Triggered Her Vertigo Episodes

Lisa's life drastically changed after her second car crash as an adult. She was hit with intense vertigo and tinnitus, but she didn't know then that the root cause of her pain could have been the damage from her first car accident years earlier. 

This is a common scenario, as the human body can store and compensate for injuries. However, over time, the accumulation of minor damages can lead to significant symptoms. Sadly, Lisa didn't receive the proper care she needed after her first accident because there were no visible injuries. 

But with her 2nd car accident added to the equation, it was all too much for her body to accommodate - that her vertigo demonstrated rather vividly and stayed with her for 30 years. Since then, it has been chiefly a snowball of pain and discomfort. She struggled with nerve issues and a limited range of movement as she got older, and despite seeking help from specialists and trying all kinds of therapy, she found little to no relief.

After 30 years of pain and trying remedies of all kinds to relieve pain and vertigo episodes, Lisa has had enough. She finally decided to try something new: Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care.

Upper Cervical Care

Finding Hope from Upper Cervical Care

Since most of her pain and concerns are rooted in an accident that gave way to spinal misalignments and nerve compressions in her body, Upper Cervical Chiropractic was an excellent fit for Lisa! That is because Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care helped her manage the spinal misalignments that resulted from her two car accidents. Correcting her spinal misalignments helped her manage recurring symptoms that prevented her from living life to the fullest. These symptoms include dizziness, headaches, nausea, chronic body pains, and limited range of motion. 

Following Lisa’s first spinal adjustment session, she immediately felt great relief and improvement in her body. Even with just three sessions in, she is now sleeping better, with no more pain, dizziness, and buzzing in her head, and back to her normal routine, driving and feeling like she can go back to the gym again and carry on lifting weights!

Her life took a 360-degree turn, allowing her to enjoy activities she couldn’t do when her symptoms appeared. So, if you would also love to take a holistic route to manage your vertigo episodes, you might want to try Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care.

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You can watch Lisa’s full video testimonial here.


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