Vertigo Due to Whiplash and Its Natural Remedies

January 16, 2022

vertigo remedies

Did you know that many people who seek vertigo remedies first notice their symptoms after developing a whiplash injury? Studies explain that this happens because of cervical subluxation. When the upper neck bones fail to stay aligned with the body’s central axis, they compromise the spine’s curvature. Consequently, this leads to a series of problems for the nervous system, including signal interferences between the brain and vestibular system, poor fluid drainage, and increased pressure in the inner ears. 

If you recently suffered from a whiplash injury, it’s a good idea to look out for its symptoms like vertigo attacks. More importantly, it would help if you learned about the most promising remedies to use.


Why Do Vertigo Attacks Get Triggered By Whiplash Injuries? 

Because vertigo is a widespread symptom, doctors and researchers associate it with a long list of health complaints. One of these includes whiplash, an injury that occurs when you accidentally overextend your neck bones. Here’s how the problem develops: 

  • The overextension of the neck bones during a whiplash-causing incident dislodges the C1 and C2 bones. Unfortunately, this can impede blood flow to various nervous system organs such as the brainstem.
  • Lack of blood circulation can impair the brainstem’s function because tissues fail to get the necessary nourishment.  
  • The misaligned bones can stop fluids from draining properly. Consequently, this leads to abnormal fluid buildup in the inner ear and the compression or irritation of your vestibular organs and the vestibulocochlear nerve.
  • Your postural imbalance can affect your body’s ability to metabolize and distribute energy molecules, leaving you at risk of many crippling symptoms such as vertigo attacks.  


How Can You Confirm If You Have A Whiplash Injury?

When seeking viable vertigo remedies to use, it’s critical to have a full grasp of your condition. To do that, you will need to get diagnosed by your primary doctor. This is especially important if you suffered from an accident but have failed to get checked for a whiplash injury. Here’s how doctors diagnose the condition:


Doctors need to check for cervical spine misalignments that developed because of the injury. This process could entail 3D X-ray scans and MRI scans to understand the structural changes or abnormalities you might have. 

Range of motion of the neck

Neck injuries often limit head movements. That’s why doctors, therapists, and doctors of chiropractic check the neck’s ability to twist, bend, and extend. 


Structural abnormalities in the spine, such as a misaligned upper neck bone, can stiffen and stretch the muscle fibers. As a result, healthcare professionals examining for a whiplash injury need to press onto the neck muscles and look for signs of soreness or tenderness. 

Bone scan

Severe whiplash injuries can sometimes cause the neck bones to crack. Thankfully, you can find signs of tiny fractures and structural problems with the help of the bone scan

Hopefully, after undergoing the different diagnostic procedures for a whiplash neck injury, you can have a more definitive explanation of why you experience spinning sensations.

vertigo remedies






Can Whiplash Injuries Heal Independently?

Similar to other traumatic injuries, whiplash can potentially heal without medical intervention. If you only have a mild whiplash injury, you will likely see massive improvements after resting and letting your body recuperate. 

However, if you have severe whiplash, you may need assistance from a physical therapist or an upper cervical chiropractic doctor. This will help you recover faster because your neck bones will gradually return to the correct position. Opting to resolve your whiplash as soon as possible also prevents disabling symptoms like vertigo attacks.


What are The Best Vertigo Remedies For Patients With a Whiplash Injury

Coping with an achy neck isn’t a problem for most people. Sometimes, they only use NSAIDs or topical pain relievers to ease their neck muscles. Others seek professionals like a neck chiropractor and a physical specialist.

However, we can’t say the same for the vertigo episodes. Spinning sensations often lead to bigger problems like injuries resulting from losing one’s balance while walking or running. They can also ruin your day because you feel debilitated. 

Thankfully, there are a lot of natural and effective remedies for vertigo attacks. Here are some examples: 

Canalith repositioning maneuvers

Some vertigo attacks among whiplash patients occur not just because of dislodged calcium crystals. The patients unknowingly developed BPPV, a vestibular problem that gets worse with head movements. Fortunately, you can potentially get rid of the problem with the help of canalith repositioning maneuvers. These guided exercises aim to remove the calcium crystal that prevents the inner ears from transmitting correct information to and from the brain. 

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy

Sometimes, a whiplash injury isn’t the root cause of a vertigo attack. Instead, studies note that the spinning and dizzying sensation may originate from other vestibular problems like Meniere’s disease, BPPV, acoustic neuromas, and inner ear infections. 

If you think your symptoms stem from any of the aforementioned vestibular illnesses, we suggest exploring vestibular rehabilitation therapy

Upper cervical chiropractic

Quick and effective elimination of vertigo (whether whiplash-induced or not) relies on how effectively you can address the positional imbalances. That’s why several case studies recommend going to an upper cervical chiropractic doctor for vertigo relief. 

Upper cervical care is a well-established technique that works miracles for several health concerns. It has helped thousands of patients eliminate disruptions from their daily routine and manage the repercussion of their traumatic injuries. 

The technique works so well for various people because of its sheer focus on fixing structural abnormalities and discrepancies on the neck. It also comes in handy in negating the effect of a misaligned cervical spine, such as those we discussed above.   

Are you ready to experience a whole new level of whiplash and vertigo recovery? Explore one of the best vertigo remedies by visiting an upper cervical chiropractic doctor near you.


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