Common Vertigo-Causing Conditions and Their Natural Remedy

March 28, 2021

home remedies for vertigo

Nobody wants to wake up in the morning and experience spinning sensations even after a long and healthy sleep. It's so horrible and disorienting that it can completely throw you off and affect your entire day.

If you have been experiencing vertigo for quite a while, you must identify its root cause. This way, you can choose which among the common home remedies for vertigo you should try. Check out the different health conditions and other factors that cause or worsen a vertigo attack. We also shared the leading natural remedy used to relieve even the most chronic vertigo episode. 

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)

A quick search would tell you that BPPV occurs in most patients who experience mild to severe spinning sensations. Essentially, BPPV is a vestibular problem that involves the displacement of the otoliths or calcium carbonate crystals found inside the utricle. These tiny crystals get stuck inside the semicircular canals, a section of the ears in charge of perceiving motion and balance. Their presence confuses the brain, causing you to feel like you're spinning around even when you're at rest. 

Migraine attacks

Migraine is one of the worst and most debilitating neurological problems in the US. It causes a long list of issues, including pounding headaches, vomiting, nausea, aura, and, in some cases, vertigo attacks. If your migraine is vestibular, you will most likely experience vertigo episodes that last around 5 minutes to 5 days straight. Approximately 40 percent of migraineurs report spinning sensations as one of their most commonly observed symptoms. 

Meniere's disease

Meniere's a rare ear problem that occurs in many patients looking for home remedies for vertigo. If you have vertigo attacks that accompany other concerns like tinnitus or ringing inside the ears, ear congestion, and fluctuating hearing loss, then your condition most likely stems from Meniere's. It's pretty unclear what causes this uncommon ear disorder and why it commonly affects aging people. Some studies explain that it could result from poor fluid drainage, which usually stems from a misaligned spine. 

Heart problems 

Heart diseases or disorders like angina pectoris, coronary heart disease, and atherosclerosis can trigger mild vertigo episodes or dizzying spells. Unlike most of the health problems enumerated in this list, cardiovascular diseases or disorders can be life-threatening. So, if you suspect having heart issues, you should immediately consult with a doctor. 

Vitamin B12 deficiency 

Are you getting enough B12 into your system? If not, you may suffer from all kinds of neurological problems like neuropathic pain and loss your balance. Additionally, B12 deficiencies can affect your blood flow and pressure, which could cause you to feel dizzying or spinning sensations, especially while walking around. It's good practice to eat enough food items rich in B vitamins, such as milk, eggs, poultry, and dairy, to absorb enough B12. You can also take food supplements that have high levels of B vitamins. 

Starvation or dehydration

When the body fails to get enough nutrients and water, you feel weak, dizzy, and lightheaded. Both also cause your blood pressure and sugar levels to drop significantly, making it harder for you to keep your balance when you have an episode. This increases your risk of tripping, slipping, or falling while you experience an attack. You might also notice worse symptoms if you lack enough water or food in your system. 

Side effects of your medication 

Are you currently taking a prescription for blood pressure regulation, bacterial infection, pain relief, and cancer? If you answer yes and notice vertigo or dizziness after your intake, you likely suffer from the medication's adverse side effects. Make sure to ask your physician about the prescription to check if you have better alternatives or take a lower dosage. 

home remedies for vertigo

Previous neck injury

Many patients seeking natural or home remedies for vertigo unknowingly have neck bone misalignment that resulted from a previous neck injury. Unfortunately, the injury's side effects tend to manifest years after the incident, leaving many unsuspecting individuals suffering from persistent and chronic health problems like spinning. If you don’t get the bones restored to their normal position, they press on the brainstem and the neighboring nerves. This affects the normal flow of transmitted signals from the brain to the body, contributing to your vertigo episodes. 

Other underlying problems 

Sometimes, vertigo and lightheadedness occur because of other underlying problems. This could include brain tumors, ear infections like vestibular neuritis and labyrinthitis, and stroke. 

Addressing your vertigo attacks the natural way 

It’s not fun to constantly deal with vertigo attacks, especially if you’re a busy working professional or an aging individual. Good thing, you can seek effective vertigo relief with upper cervical care. It’s a natural and holistic approach to healing, so it can come in handy for most of the leading causes of vertigo we listed above. 

For example, if your spinning sensation stems from Meniere’s disease, upper cervical chiropractic adjustments can improve the flow of fluids to and from your head. This helps minimize the excessive fluid build-up that aggravates your vertigo episodes.

Studies proving the efficacy of upper cervical in improving vertigo episodes have been piling up through the years. Hence, you know that it’s scientific, logical, and practical. It’s an excellent remedy to try, especially if you have exhausted medication or home remedies for vertigo.

Working with an upper cervical chiropractor near you 

Want to know more about how upper cervical chiropractic care can reduce your vertigo symptoms? Feel free to jump on a call or schedule an appointment with a nearby vertigo chiropractor! Find out more about this natural approach and how you can enjoy lasting relief from your debilitating symptom.

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