Vertigo – A Common but Frightening Symptom

Common but Frightening Symptoms of Vertigo

Each year, over 5 million Americans head to the doctor for dizziness and related conditions such as vertigo, making this a very common condition. The symptoms of vertigo include a false sensation of movement. As a result, someone may see the room spinning for feel as if on a rocking boat. Sometimes, nausea and other symptoms accompany vertigo.

Another thing that is common when it comes to vertigo is that it seems to be able to strike at any time. While most vertigo causes are non-life-threatening, having a bout at the wrong time could be very dangerous. Imagine working on a ladder and suddenly having the world spin or getting a sensation of seasickness while driving on an Interstate in heavy traffic. Not knowing when the next attack will occur can make the false feeling of movement scary.

Another common trait when it comes to vertigo is that many cases begin following a head injury. It may be something serious like a car accident or sports injury, but even something simple like bumping your head on an open cabinet may be enough to set things spinning. This may give some insight into a potential cause of vertigo and a solution.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic and Vertigo

When a head or neck injury occurs, even one that doesn’t seem too serious at the time, the top bone in the spine (atlas) may become misaligned. Such a misalignment can affect blood flow to the head as well as brainstem function. These factors can play key roles in vertigo occurrence. It is no wonder that many see the onset of spinning sensation following such an injury.

Upper cervical chiropractors precisely measure atlas misalignments and render gentle corrections that can result in long-lasting benefits. If you are suffering from vertigo, contact an upper cervical practitioner near you to learn more. Do it, especially if you have a history of head or neck trauma.


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