Vertigo – Can It Be Caused by Teeth Grinding?

Does teeth grinding causes vertigo?

Bruxism is the medical term for teeth grinding, and patients who suffer from this condition commonly also deal with headaches, earaches, and vertigo (a false sense of motion, such as the room spinning). How are these symptoms and conditions related? Is there anything that can help provide natural relief? Read on to learn about the causes and proper care of vertigo.

Stress – The Number One Cause of Bruxism

Estimates are that about 70% of people who habitually grind their teeth do so due to stress. If bruxism is causing vertigo, that means that stress relief can be a key element in relieving both. Here are a few ways to combat stress.

  • Take time for yourself – In our hectic schedules, it is easy to forget to take time for ourselves. Whether it is a half hour a day to meditate on positive things or a few hours a week to spend on a relaxing hobby like painting or playing a musical instrument, it is important to schedule personal time.
  • Talk it out – Most people feel better after confiding stressful situations. Whether you choose a mate, a close friend, or a therapist is up to you. The key thing is finding someone who won’t judge you (that would only add to stress) and who provides a listening ear.
  • Exercise – From stretching to going for a daily walk, exercise is a great way to destress, and it doesn’t have to be that intense to provide results.

Relieving Vertigo the Natural Way

The symptoms that coincide with bruxism are very telling. Headaches, earaches, and vertigo are all commonly related to an upper cervical misalignment. Correcting this misalignment has been known to relieve these symptoms. For example, in one case study involving 60 patients, 80% saw an elimination of vertigo symptoms and the other 20% all saw a reduction in symptoms. These are not isolated results.

If you are suffering from vertigo, upper cervical chiropractic care may provide natural and long-term relief. Schedule a consult with a practitioner near you to learn more.

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