4 Upper Neck Pain Triggers and a Holistic Remedy

Do you often complain about neck pain? Do you wake up with a painful spot in your neck that makes it challenging to get through the day smoothly? Have you ever wondered why your neck feels stiff and sore after a long workday? Does your pain bother you, prompting you to research and ask, "How can I permanently get rid of neck pain?"

Upper neck pain is a prevalent issue that affects people of all ages and lifestyles. Understanding the root cause is crucial for finding effective relief, whether it's a lingering discomfort or a sudden sharp twinge. 

Different types of neck pain may require different approaches too. Hence, it’s crucial to learn how to distinguish between the different types. Let’s help you get acquainted with these a bit better with the help of our guide.

#1. Axial Neck Pain

This is also known as mechanical pain, which represents the most prevalent type of neck discomfort. Unlike other types, this form of upper neck pain is localized. The sensation is often described as dull, achy, or throbbing, but it can also manifest as sharp or stinging. 

Certain movements or maintaining poor posture can exacerbate the symptoms associated with axial neck pain. Muscle strains and ligament sprains are typical culprits behind this type of pain, frequently resulting from overuse or sudden awkward movements. In some cases, spinal degeneration or trauma-related factors, such as cervical disc degeneration, facet joint dysfunction, or vertebral bone fracture, may also contribute to axial neck pain. 

#2. Radicular Pain

This distinct type of neck discomfort arises when inflammation affects a nerve root in the cervical spine, leading to the transmission of pain signals along the nerve pathways. This results in upper neck pain radiating down into the shoulder, arm, and sometimes even the hand. Unlike axial pain, radicular pain involves the nerves, which can trigger searing or electric shock-like sensations. 

The main culprits behind radicular pain in the cervical spine are often related to spinal degeneration, such as nerve root irritation caused by bony overgrowths known as osteophytes (bone spurs) or a herniated disc in the cervical region. 

#3. Referred Pain

This can be a fascinating phenomenon where discomfort is perceived in an area distinct from its primary source, and nerve root irritation is not the cause. Characterized by a deep, achy, cramping, or throbbing sensation, referred upper neck pain typically exhibits a more diffuse distribution, contrasting with the more focused radiation experienced in other types of pain. Although similar to radiating pain, referred pain is generally felt on one side of the body and may occasionally manifest on both sides. 

#4. Myelopathic Pain

This is a distinct form of upper neck pain that arises when the spinal cord in the neck becomes compressed. What sets myelopathic pain apart is that while the compression occurs in the neck, the symptoms often manifest at a distance below the site of compression, typically in the legs and/or feet. This dissociation between the symptoms and the causal region can complicate the diagnostic process, leading to an increased risk of misdiagnosis and mismanagement. 

Gentle Atlas Bone Adjustments: Your Key to Managing Upper Neck Pain

If you're asking this question, you may be fed up with the pain and discomfort, and you really need a lasting solution to regain your quality of life. The first step is to accurately identify the specific type of neck pain you're experiencing, as any of these can occur alone or in combination with others. 

In addition, it's essential to recognize that a misalignment in the upper cervical spine can significantly contribute to neck pain or exacerbate existing issues. Seeking help from an Upper Cervical Chiropractor is a wise decision, as they can help restore the proper balance and alignment of the bones in this critical region. Accidents, injuries, or poor posture can all lead to upper cervical misalignment. Upper Cervical Chiropractic adjustments offer a gentle and precise approach to addressing the root cause of neck pain, providing a pathway toward long-term relief and improved neck health. 

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