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The idea that chiropractic is a viable way to get help for the pain of fibromyalgia is not new. However, those who are already suffering from chronic, widespread pain are unlikely to want to have the spine roughly manipulated by a health practitioner. This is where upper cervical chiropractic comes into play. What is the difference and how can upper cervical care help fibromyalgia patients?

How Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care Is Different from the Chiropractic You Are Thinking Of

When someone hears the word chiropractic, they usually envision a patient on the table with a chiropractor twisting the patient’s neck to each side, crossing one leg over the other to pop the lower back, or pressing down on the back of a patient. This is nothing like upper cervical chiropractic care.

While there are a number of types of upper cervical chiropractic, the primary thing they have in common is that a low force correction is used. That means the adjustment is gentle and may involve light pressure to a specific area, or a gentle pulse, depending on the type performed by the practitioner you see.

What are the benefits of a low force correction?

  • Gentle for those with pain disorders
  • A precise adjustment
  • Less stress on the body means less inflammation
  • Corrections are long-lasting

That’s sounds great, doesn’t it? But the fact is, those benefit only matter if it works. So how does upper cervical chiropractic help with pain conditions?

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Upper Cervical Care

The top vertebra in the next, the atlas, protects the brainstem. It also allows for blood flow to the brain through the vertebral arteries. Plus, a misaligned atlas can prevent proper cerebrospinal fluid(CSF) drainage. MRIs have revealed CSF pooling in the brain when an upper cervical misalignment exists. These factors all affect the body’s ability to process pain properly. They can also result in brain fog, problems sleeping, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.

Upper cervical chiropractic involves using diagnostic procedures to identify the specific misalignment as well as using gentle methods to correct the problem. The long-lasting adjustments have allowed many patients to begin healing from the damaged caused by a subluxation. As a result, the symptoms of pain disorders often decrease. Some may even see a complete resolution of the condition.

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