How Upper Cervical Care Helped Relieve Decades-Old Neck Pain

Upper Cervical Care

Have you been struggling with severe neck pain that makes it incredibly difficult to turn your head? Is your neck pain in the way of doing day-to-day activities at home or work? Have you tapped into neck pain remedies like massage and physical therapy but saw minimal changes to your overall condition?

Countless people complain about chronic neck pain that stems from a plethora of things like degenerative disc diseases and long-term complications of traumatic injuries like whiplash and concussion. Take Lydia, for example, a woman who ended her three-decade streak of chronic neck pain with the help of Upper Cervical Care.

30 Years of Pain Ended with Three Months of Upper Cervical Care

Lydia's life took an unfortunate turn after being caught in a car accident when she was young. While she recovered from the wounds inflicted by the crash, her body was never the same again. She noticed the significant changes in her posture, which led to neck pain that worsened over the years. Her symptoms also prevented her from moving freely and enjoying activities with her friends and family. Tired and frustrated by the lack of results she received from other neck pain remedies, she thought of exploring Upper Cervical Chiropractic. And sure enough, her decision changed her life.Her visit to an upper Cervical Chiropractic practice led her to understand the impacts of her decades-old car accident on her atlas and axis – the two topmost bones of the neck.Moreover, after a few adjustments, she noticed immediate improvements in her neck and shoulder pain. Motivated by her renewed health and long-awaited freedom from chronic pain, she continued coming to the clinic for adjustments and consultations. Three months into the care regimen, she confidently broke free from her 30-year neck pain and discomfort. Until today, Lydia has committed herself to regular upper cervical chiropractic practice visits to maintain her posture and stay in tip-top condition.Upper Cervical Care

Put an End to Your Misery: Call an Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Like Lydia, very few people suspect injuries from their past as the source of concurrent symptoms like neck pain. Only after they visit an Upper Cervical doctor do they discover that the missing link between their unexplainable symptoms has been lying in their neck alignment all along.Are you among these individuals? Have you suffered from a mild to a severe blow to your neck or head? Were you a victim of physical abuse? Do you have traumatic experiences that forced your neck to overextend (car collisions, sports-related accidents, etc.)?If your response to at least to of our questions above is yes, you should consider booking a quick consultation with an upper cervical doctor in your city. Find out if your atlas and axis bones are still in proper alignment. Otherwise, your neck pain will likely linger for years on and end. On top of that, you might even start having add-on problems like burning sensations in your hands and legs to debilitating headaches. Find the nearest Upper Cervical Chiropractic practice in your city today!

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