The Truth Behind Food Cravings and Migraine Attacks

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Migraines have become synonymous with throbbing headaches. In fact, a large number of migraineurs who ask for a NUCCA chiropractic adjustment experience agonizing headaches that can hurt anywhere from 4 hours to 3 days. However, migraines can cause additional symptoms unknown to many, which can occur hours or days before the headache phase. One fine example of that migraine symptom is unexplainable food cravings. 

If dealing with migraine attacks has been a part of your life for years, then chances are, you’re not new to having a sudden penchant for chocolate, carbs, and anything loaded with sugar. So the question is, why does it happen? 

What happens if you cave in to your body’s strong desire to eat such food? Can it ruin your chances of seeking relief, especially when you start trying remedies like going to a chiropractor for migraines?


Migraines and Food Cravings Explained

Besides remedies like NUCCA chiropractic, getting enough nutrition into your system is pivotal in controlling your episodes. Doctors explain that sometimes, sudden cravings for certain food products like chocolate, chips, and bread could signal an impending attack.

This specific event occurs during the first phase of a migraine attack, which doctors and researchers refer to as the prodrome phase. On average, this stage happens about a few hours or days before the headache stage. It doesn’t affect everyone who experiences migraines. That’s why sometimes, people barely notice that they are, in fact, experiencing prodrome.

Others believe that their strong desire for chocolate, caffeinated products, processed food, or sugary treats is the reason behind their attack. In truth, consuming these products only contribute to the problem. They can aggravate your symptoms and make you suffer severe impacts each time you cave in to your migraine food cravings. 

We recommend keeping track of any changes in your appetite, primarily before an attack occurs. This way, you can get to know your migraine episodes better. It may also help you to cope better with your symptoms.


Migraines and The Power of Food as Medicine 

Sometimes, making some adjustments to your diet can help you experience fewer migraine attacks. We recommend staying away from food triggers like chocolate, alcohol, and preserved food products, for starters. You may also benefit from taking food supplements for migraines. A few examples of these food supplements include the following: 

These vitamins are helpful for a lot of people. However, note that you may need to consult with your physician to ensure that the food supplement you take doesn’t negatively interact with existing medications.  

Besides taking food supplements, you might also find it helpful to incorporate food products to decrease body inflammation. Because inflammation can make headaches worse, eating food that counters this effect can help you manage your symptoms better. There are a ton of items you can choose from, including ginger, berries, leafy veggies, salmon, and garlic. 

chiropractor for migraines, NUCCA chiropractic

Other Ways You Can Manage a Migraine Attack

A migraine attack can be pretty horrible. And it gets worse if it happens more than three times a month. Apart from paying close attention to what you eat, you can also try seeking other remedies to ease your pain. A few examples of these remedies include the following:

Staying cool and relaxed

The last thing you want is to get stressed out, so we highly recommend retreating to a cool and comfortable place before an upcoming episode. When you spot warning signs like unexplainable food cravings, it’s a good idea to brace yourself for the subsequent phases of your migraine episode. 

OTC Medications

Over-the-counter medications like NSAIDs, pain killers, and anti-inflammatory can help curb the effects of your symptoms. You can consult with your physician or neurologist to find the best options you can try. Also, once you have your prescription ready, be sure to follow the dosage instructions to a tee.

Keeping yourself physically active

Exercising during an episode is a bad idea because it can aggravate your symptoms. But, keeping yourself active during days when you don’t have a headache can work miracles for you. It will help you increase the production of your body’s natural painkillers. This way, you can reduce the pain you feel during the headache phase or other stages of your migraine attack.

Trying to improve your sleep

Getting enough quality sleep is crucial to managing migraine symptoms. When you’re sleep-deprived, you become prone to experiencing worse episodes. We suggest working on your sleep hygiene or trying relaxation techniques so you can enjoy long hours of restorative sleep.  


Getting Help from a Chiropractor For Migraines

When the remedies above no longer provide you with the results you want, you can always try another excellent and proven relief option for migraine attacks – upper cervical care. 

Working with a chiropractor for migraines or a NUCCA chiropractic practitioner can be a huge game changer for you. Hundreds to thousands of people with mild to extreme migraine attacks in the USA cope better with the help of upper cervical care.

It’s a natural, customized, and practical approach to healing various health problems such as migraines and headaches. The practice focuses on restoring cervical bone alignment, a crucial factor that affects the severity and frequency of a migraine problem. 

By helping the C1 and C2 neck bones go back to their original position, you can ensure the smooth flow of communication of your brain and different parts of the body. It also keeps the brainstem in good shape. This way, you can avoid certain aspects of your health, such as sleeping patterns, digestion, and blood pressure – a  few factors that can affect a migraine attack. 

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