How to Travel Without the Lower Back Pain

Travelling without worries of back pain

Summer is here, and that means many families will be traveling while the kids are off from school. Unfortunately, lower back pain can make it difficult to enjoy a family vacation, so here are a few tips to help you take your vacation while leaving your lower back pain behind.

Ways to Avoid Lower Back Pain While Traveling

Handle Luggage Properly

First of all, be sure not to overload your bags and make them too heavy to avoid getting lower back pain. Then, when it comes time to lift the bags, be sure to bend at your knees instead of your back and keep the weight close to your body as you lift.

Sit Properly

Whether you are driving or flying to your vacation destination, sitting properly is important to steer clear from lower back pain. Keep your feet flat on the ground (unless you’re the driver, of course), and don’t hunch forward over an electronic device the whole way there. Proper lumbar support is important, so you may want to bring a pillow. If you sleep, be sure not to twist the neck into a funny position. A neck pillow can help.

Take Breaks

If you are flying, try to stand up and stretch occasionally once the fasten seatbelt light as turned off. On a road trip, pull off every couple of hours to walk around at a rest area, even if no actually needs the bathroom.

Ask for Help

Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help if something is too heavy for you. Another passenger or a flight attendant will likely be happy to help you get a bag into the overhead bin. Many hotels have staff to help with heavy bags.

Keep Your Neck Properly Aligned

Schedule a visit with your upper cervical chiropractor just before vacation, so your atlas (C1) starts out in proper alignment, and schedule another appointment for the week you get back if you anticipate the journey or your activities putting stress on your neck.  

Lower Back Pain Relief

The upper cervical spine plays a key role in the posture of the entire back. When these two bones are in alignment, it can help the rest of the spine to follow suit. As a result, lower back pain is often relieved on a more long-term basis by focusing on the C1 and C2 at the top of the neck. To learn more, contact an upper cervical practitioner near you. And don’t forget to enjoy your vacation!


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