Top 6 Professionals Who Often Have an Achy Neck

neck pain, upper cervical

It's sad but true that jobs that put too much strain on your neck are quite common nowadays. And because most people don't realize how much their occupation can affect their health, they end up suffering from chronic pain in the neck and back. In this article, we're going to explore some of these occupations and how they might affect your upper cervical spine and cause your neck pain. We'll also talk about some natural ways to prevent them.


Your Upper Cervical Spine

The upper cervical spine comprises seven vertebrae that make up the top of your spinal column and the joints that connect them. It's sometimes called the neck or cervical spine. The vertebrae in this area are unique because they are located close to major arteries and can get compressed due to bulging discs or inflammation brought by arthritis. When these vertebrae get damaged, they can cause chronic neck pain that radiates into your head, shoulders, arms, and hands. If left poorly managed for an extended period, it can lead to other serious health problems such as migraine headaches or heart disease.


The Link Between Your Job and Your Health

If your job puts stress and strain on major body parts, like your upper cervical region, which is connected to all your mobility functions, you are at significant health risk. These stress and strains can give way to aches that, more often than not, hides underlying conditions that you are oblivious of. One of these aches is neck pain.

Neck pain is a typical problem in the workplace, and it can affect how you perform your job duties. In fact, more than half of workers who experience neck pain are unable to fully meet the demands of their jobs. In addition, it can lead to other health problems, including headaches and muscle tension, which can make work even more difficult. Some occupations put extra strain on your cervical spine—the part at the base of your skull that connects with your spinal cord and supports most of your head weight. If you work any of these jobs, you may be more likely to suffer neck pain than others.

Some of the common professionals who frequently have an achy neck include the following: 

#1. Hairstylists

Hair stylists are at risk of developing neck pain from the repetitive motions they perform while working. This type of work can also affect other areas of the body, but the neck is the most affected area.

#2. Office workers

This job causes the most neck pain issues worldwide, which leads to headaches, shoulder, and arm pain, and even back pain.

Office workers often have poor posture while sitting at a desk. They spend hours staring at computer screens or reading documents in front of them. This causes their heads to crane forward to see properly while working. This also places stress on the muscles surrounding your neck as they try to keep your head in an upright position.

#3. Massage therapist

A massage therapists are an integral part of the healthcare industry, as they help clients relieve their aches and pains. However, being a massage therapist can be tough on the body. Notably, many massage therapists spend hours have to put immense effort into applying just the right amount of pressure on their client's body. This can result in muscle stiffness in various areas of the body along with painful joints (especially if they twist and turn the wrong way).

#4. Bartender

Being a bartender can be a great career to pursue, thanks to the excitement of making concoctions and the financial gains. However, bartending has some drawbacks that are often unknown to many people. 

First of all, working as a bartender means having to work long hours in a noisy environment. If you're sensitive to loud sounds or have trouble sleeping when your mind is racing, this could be very difficult for you. And it could contribute to muscle stiffness along the neck, shoulders and even your temples. In addition to these things, bartenders need to be able to lift heavy objects and serve drinks quickly—both things which put a strain on their bodies, especially their necks.

#5. Surgeon

Surgeons spend a lot of time in front of a computer assessing and reviewing patient reports. If they're not doing that, they often perform repetitive motions with their hands to hold tools and instruments, as well as to stabilize themselves while they work – demanding a lot of effort from their upper cervical region.

#6. Truck driver

Drivers of any vehicle are at constant risk of neck pain due to the nature of their job. They spend most of their days driving long distances, which means they spend a lot of time in awkward positions. This is especially true for truck drivers. Often, truckers drive with their necks bent forward and looking straight ahead through a windshield that's too low for them. This strains the back and neck muscles greatly, leading to tightness and soreness in several body parts including the neck and upper back.

neck pain, upper cervical

Ways to Prevent Neck Pain While On The Job

Use a standing desk

Standing desks have been gaining much market traction– for good reasons! Studies note that they provide several benefits, including reduced obesity risks, improved spinal posture, and significant muscle tension relief.

Wear a supportive device

You can find supportive devices at most drugstores that keep your neck aligned while working. Depending on your preference, you may wear them during breaks or while working. 

Ask for help with heavy lifting

If possible, request that someone else handle any heavy items so as not to place unnecessary stress on yourself physically!

Take breaks! 

We're talking about jobs that put too much strain on our necks here and, therefore, shouldn't be done for extended periods. Sometimes taking frequent breaks from these activities isn't enough—so there's no harm done in asking someone else to take over part of what needs doing so that you don't have to keep doing it yourself all day long either way! Whichever works best depends entirely upon individual circumstances.

Try upper cervical chiropractic! 

It is a specialized designed technique in chiropractic care for people with neck pain. A chiropractor provides spinal adjustments to individuals experiencing neck pain, headaches, and migraines. It's one of the most holistic ways of addressing neck pain, as it also helps improve one's overall health. You can experience this care approach once you've found a credible chiropractor to assist you. You can easily find one by browsing our comprehensive Upper Cervical Chiropractic Doctors' Directory.


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