Top 6 Jobs That Are Prone to Developing an Achy Back

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Cases of achy backs are quite prevalent in the country. That’s because it can stem from many things, including specific job roles. As it turns out, the symptom affects some workers or professionals more than others. So, as your trusted resource for Upper Cervical Care information, we decided to help you look into these roles or professions and examine the most likely reason they’re predisposed to back pain.  

#1. Drivers

Driving for long hours or even several days can lead to mild to severe back pain, especially if you don’t take quick breaks to stretch your legs. Notably, the spinal column is designed to move around. So, prolonged sitting combined with the vibrations from the engine can put an immense mechanical strain on tissues like the sciatic nerve and the hip muscles and joints. If you work as a truck driver, chauffeur, or any other similar profession, here are some quick tips you should take note of: 

  • Use a support structure behind your back to relieve muscle tension.
  • Avoid slouching by adjusting the car seat at a certain angle (100 to 110 degrees).
  • Experiment with cold or heat therapy to relieve your muscle spasms.

#2. Healthcare professionals

According to a 2022 study, healthcare professionals like physical therapists and nurses often suffer from low back pain. These roles often involve work-related risks such as frequent lifting, bending, and twisting. Most of these individuals also have to stand for prolonged hours and perform procedures that can put the spine and the rest of the body in an awkward posture. Some also develop sciatica or severe sciatic nerve compression. 

If you work in the healthcare and wellness industry, we suggest incorporating the following things into your usual routine:  

  • Find comfy work shoes that provide enough arch support.
  • Perform gentle neck and shoulder rolls to release the tension on your spine.
  • Invest time and effort to strengthen your core muscles (for improved spinal structure support and back pain refill).

#3. Construction workers

Many construction professionals have to lift heavy pieces of equipment or twist their bodies to get things done. Unfortunately, sometimes they turn their body or lift items the wrong way, causing them to pull on their muscles or hurt their spine. As a rule of thumb, manual laborers and those working in risky environments should practice simple safety measures, such as:

  • Asking for help when items weigh more than 50 pounds
  • Wearing the right footwear to work
  • Using gloves with grip pads to make it easier to lift items while you move around

#4. Sales and customer service representatives

Meeting the weekly sales quota or spending long hours attending to the complaints of customers online or through the phone can be mentally and physically taxing. The stress from these roles can put a toll on your body, especially your muscles and nerves. Additionally, prolonged sitting or multi-tasking (placing a phone between your neck and typing) can compromise your posture and lead to mild to severe backaches. Here are a couple of things you can do to avoid getting stuck in that situation:

  • Adjust your monitor or device so you don’t tilt your head at awkward angles.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated, so your discs stay in good shape.
  • Try to de-stress mid-shift by walking around or stretching your neck.

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#5. Warehouse and assembly workers

The eCommerce industry has grown massively and it’s expected to soar until the next decade. This has opened up opportunities for several workers, especially those who work at warehouses and manufacturing plants. However, it has also contributed to the skyrocketing cases of backaches. Long work hours doing repetitive tasks like assembling or packing items can affect the spine and other body parts. If you work in this industry, we suggest tapping into helpful remedies and practices for neck pain relief. Here are a few examples: 

  • Use a hot or cold compress to soothe your muscles when you go home.
  • Try to incorporate quick and easy exercises while seated at work.
  • Check your posture while you work so you can avoid slouching or slumping your body.

#6. Mothers

Being a mom is a full-time job for many women. It’s also a role encompassing various tasks, from changing the baby’s diapers to going grocery runs. The drastic changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy can also affect the spinal structure, leaving one susceptible to health concerns like sciatica or nerve compression. Follow these pain prevention tips to lessen the mechanical strain on your spinal column and other body parts: 

  • Invest in ergonomic baby carriers. 
  • Delegate tasks to other family members.
  • Run a warm bath after a long day and try to relax.


Work Closely With an Upper Cervical Care Doctor

Indeed, back pain can be quite a drag, especially if you have a busy work schedule. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can work around your symptom. One option you can try is Upper Cervical Care. Thousands of patients who suffer from mild to severe back pain find significant relief with the help of Upper Cervical Care. It is a gentle and precise approach to fixing poor body posture that can help alleviate the pressure on compressed nerve tissues and stiffened muscles along the neck, shoulders, and back.

Many people don’t know that their neck bones have shifted after accidents or work-related injuries. If you suspect having postural imbalances along your C1 and C2 bones, we strongly suggest seeking a chiropractor offering Upper Cervical Care. This way, you can undergo the initial neck bone assessment and plan your next steps to correct your spinal alignment. Visit a local Upper Cervical chiropractor today for your first consultation session.


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