Top 5 Causes of Lower Back and Knee Pain

lower back and knee pain

Some people say you're not getting any younger when you start to have lower back and knee pain. While there is some truth to it, they don’t only happen to older adults—even children and adolescents can get them!

Regardless of your age, sitting on your desk for too long, lifting something heavy, and engaging in sporting activities may bring out symptoms you are not used to, such as lower back and knee pain

It pays to get yourself familiar with the common causes of lower backache and knee pain so you can identify and catch symptoms. Straight out ignoring the pain and discomfort or relying on pain relievers too much may cause more harm than good. Don't wait until the damage becomes irreparable.

Lower back and knee pain may be caused by one of these:

1. Sciatica

You suffer from sciatica if you irritate, compress or pinch the largest nerve in your body—the sciatic nerve. This nerve stretches from the low back to the buttocks, hips, and back of the legs. Because the sciatic nerve powers the muscles around your knees, sciatica can cause soreness and lower back and knee pain

2. Lumbar Strain

A lumbar strain occurs in the lower spine or on your lumbar vertebra. Sometimes it affects your knees as well. This type of injury can happen abruptly or gradually due to repetitive movements, improper posture, or overuse when engaging your lower back muscles.

A lumbar strain happens for a variety of reasons, too, such as the following:

Sudden impact

Sudden movements can stress your lower back

Heavy lifting

When you do some heavy lifting, there is a high chance of twisting your spine, especially if your form is incorrect.

Weak back or abdominal muscles

Your muscles support your spine, but if they are not strong enough, you are more at risk of unwanted injury

Repetitive movements

Repeated motions could hurt and tear the muscles on your lower back muscles, leading to chronic strain. When your muscles experience severe stress, your lower back pain may worsen. Sporting activities like golf, rowing, baseball, or basketball involve forceful and repetitive motions which can cause lumbar strain.  

3. Trauma 

Injuries causing physical trauma such as car accidents, slipping or falling, or any sport-related accidents can hurt your lower back and knees. Your tendons and ligaments at the lower spine can be harmed, resulting in muscle pain and weakness. Accidents from these events can also compress your spine, causing your spinal discs to herniate or rupture eventually. If you have been experiencing recurring lower back and knee pain related to trauma, don't wait any longer and consult with your doctor soon.

lower back and knee pain






4. Lumbar Arthritis 

Two types of arthritis can seriously affect your lumbar spine. 


One of the most common types of arthritis in older adults, osteoarthritis can cause mild or severe pain, joint inflammation, and stiffness in the lower back. This stems from the deterioration of the lower back cartilage and can be severe enough to damage your spinal nerves or spinal cord.


This, on the other hand, is the type that causes your bones to lose their mass, resulting in an increased risk of injury even with the slightest trauma. Osteoporosis can develop from hormonal fluctuations, aging, or underlying inflammatory disease and affect your lower spine. As a result, you will feel some weakness and pain in your lower back and knees. 

5. Spinal Misalignment 

A debilitating lower back and knee pain may signify spinal misalignment. Parts of your spine can get out of alignment for various reasons, such as a neck or head injury. In addition, the misalignment can also be due to repeated poor posture when sitting, sleeping, and standing. A misaligned spine can cause the surrounding tissues or bones to compress on your susceptible spinal nerves. As a result, you may feel radiating and burning pain, tingling, or numbness in your lower back and knees. 


Proper Care for Lower Back and Knee Pain

If you are suffering from intense and crippling lower back pain with bouts of knee pain that hinder you from enjoying your day and fulfilling your daily tasks, a visit to the best chiropractic doctor near you may just be what you need.

An upper cervical chiropractor can help you get to the bottom of the pain and plan the most effective care routine that perfectly matches your needs. You might be surprised how they can help manage your pain and other symptoms and maximize your body's natural ability to heal itself. Find the nearest upper cervical practitioner in your area here.

Please do not wait any longer; there are best care options available to you; act now before it's too late. Who knows, your first consultation may be the key to a life free from lower back and knee pain!


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