Top 3 Reasons Behind Back Pain in Kids

Advil for back pain

You rarely think of school-aged kids or teenagers whenever you hear about back pain. Instead, you quickly associate it with the elderly, especially those with conditions like osteoarthritis or herniated discs. However, studies prove otherwise.

In fact, about 75 percent of kids aged 8 to 12 complain of an achy back. But why do backaches occur in children? More importantly, what are the most suitable ways to relieve the pain? Can Advil for back pain help, or should you seek a more natural approach?

Whether you’re a parent or a guardian, learning as much as you can about back pain in juveniles can help you see significant changes in the child’s symptoms. Check out our discussion below on the top three reasons behind back pain in kids.

#1. Heavy Back Pack

According to a study, roughly 96 percent of kids have heavy backpacks.  Unfortunately, this problem often leads to injuries and emergency room visits. The excessive weight of books and other items in their bags can put undue pressure on their spines. The stress also worsens if a kid wears the backpack for extended periods, like when walking around the campus or running up and down a winding staircase.

Some of the usual problems that might arise from carrying a hefty backpack at school include the following:

  • Twisting of the back muscles or joints
  • Increased risk for a stress fracture, especially if your child has scoliosis
  • Increased risk for development of rounded shoulders
  • Reducing your ability to keep one’s balance 

#2. Muscular Pain

Most cases of back pain in kids arise from muscular pain. It happens after a sports injury, ligament or muscle strain, poor muscle conditioning, and physical overexertion. Parents mostly use pain medications like Advil for back pain to reduce their child’s symptoms. However, others seek natural methods like applying a cold compress and massaging the affected area. If your child actively participates in sports, you should encourage him or her to rest for a few days. 

#3. Spinal Misalignment

Physically active kids, such as varsity players, are susceptible to developing a spinal misalignment. Often, misalignment occurs along the cervical spine because of the flexible nature of the neck bones. The shifting bones can potentially impact a child’s brainstem, decreasing the kid’s tolerance to pain. 

The bones might also pinch on nerve roots or tissues, or compromise the entire length of the spinal column. When this happens, back pain becomes imminent. And, unfortunately, taking Advil for back pain might not be enough to curb the symptoms. Most of the cases of cervical spine subluxation only get fixed by upper cervical chiropractic.  

Advil for back pain

What Can You Do To Ease A Child’s Back Pain

Besides causing discomfort, back pain can significantly affect your child’s performance in school. It could lead to issues like missed classes and the inability to join sports activities. It might also impact a kid’s mental well-being, especially when the pain feels unbearable. 

To help your child cope better, your best hope is to make certain adjustments, such as using a backpack that can amply distribute weight across the body and incorporating exercises for core strengthening. 

You might also find it extremely helpful to consult with a physician, especially if you notice a recurring pattern of pain. Sometimes, aside from the top causes of back pain in kids that we mentioned above, the discomfort may come from other problems like:

  • A brainstem or spinal tumor
  • A herniated or bulging disc
  • Spinal bone or disc infection
  • Stress fractures

We also encourage you to look out for additional symptoms that may come with your child’s back pain. For example, if you notice signs like nausea, extreme headaches, tingling sensation on the arms or legs, or muscle numbness, it may be a sign of a serious condition. Also, note the severity of the backache and how long it persists. Finally, observe how it impacts your kid and determine what may be aggravating the pain.

Preserving Spine Health to Prevent Back Pain

If you noticed slight improvement after using Advil for back pain, you might find it helpful to consult with an upper cervical chiropractor. Upper cervical chiropractic has gained quite a lot of traction among patients with mild to severe back pain thanks to its natural approach to restoring health. 

If your child has been experiencing backaches for a prolonged period or has a neck or head injury history, we suggest trying upper cervical chiropractic. The approach is quite simple. It only involves correcting neck bone misalignment. As we’ve discussed earlier, it may be interfering with the brain’s ability to communicate with the body.

Also, when one or two of the neck bones shift from their position, other bones have to adjust. This compromises the spine's natural curvature, causing a plethora of problems ranging from nerve irritation to tightening of the muscles near the affected bones. 

Surely enough, an upper cervical doctor can help with your kid’s situation. After a detailed examination of the neck bones, a neck chiropractor can identify the bones that deviated from their original alignment. This way, your upper cervical doctor can determine how many adjustments you need to restore your kid’s neck health. 

It’s a straightforward, gentle and practical approach to healing. Thousands of patients, both young and old, have successfully managed their painful symptoms after completing their upper cervical care adjustments. It won’t hurt to explore this option as it’s non-invasive and it can help your child get back into shape naturally. 

Learn more about upper cervical care and its benefits to people experiencing back pain by calling a local upper cervical doctor today!

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