Conquering TMJ Pain: A Woman’s Upper Cervical Care Success Story

TMJ pain relief

Have you had alarming jaw pain after munching on crunchy snacks like popcorn, trail mix, or potato chips? Do you have a hard time talking or moving your mouth because the joints holding your jaw bones feel stiff and sore? Are you overwhelmed by the significant diet adjustments you need to make because your jaws no longer function the same as before? Does it take so much effort to stay asleep at night because your teeth keep grinding?

A couple of months before seeking a trusted source of TMJ pain relief, Janine was in a similar situation. Like you, her TMJ disorder almost ruined every aspect of her life. Thankfully, she found help through an Upper Cervical doctor.  

Find out more about her life-changing experience with upper cervical care and how she gained freedom from TMJ pain and its awful accompanying symptoms like sleep deprivation and chronic headaches.


It's Rarely Only About the TMJ and Jaw Bones

When Janine came into an Upper Cervical Chiropractic office for help, she presented with numerous health complaints. Besides her aching temporomandibular joint, which often drained the joy out of her life, she also had crippling headaches, lingering lethargy, and fatigue. 

She couldn't get enough sleep at night and had to do away with her usual fitness routine because she channeled all her energy into mitigating her TMJ pain. Bite guards, strong pain medications, and sleepless nights have become a constant in her life.

To make things worse, her condition dictated everything – from her choice of food to the amount of time she spent talking to people around her. 

She knew she had to do something, or else her condition would worsen and get the best of her. That's when she decided to explore upper cervical care.


Improved Quality of Life Thanks to Gentle Neck Bone Adjustments

A little less than a month into her Upper Cervical Care regimen, Janine saw significant improvements in her condition. These include enjoying sleep at night, reducing her dependence on a bite guard for teeth-grinding prevention, and less jaw pain and tenderness. 

Unlike before, when she had to wake up overwhelmed with negative thoughts and feeling because of her TMJ symptoms, she now looks forward to having a better and brighter day. Her fatigue and lethargy also gradually diminished, giving her enough energy to get back into her exercise routine.

Needless to say, Janine now leads a happier life. Eager to share a message of hope and healing, she actively encourages fellow patients diagnosed with TMJ to try upper cervical care. You can watch her full story in this interview vlog.

TMJ pain relief

You, Too, Can Put End Your Misery And Enjoy TMJ Pain Relief!

Janine is just one of the many success stories of Upper Cervical Chiropractors across the country. That's because the technique used by Cervical Chiropractors effectively alleviates the pressure on the temporomandibular joint. 

The procedure works by fixing misalignments in the neck, which can happen due to neck and head injuries in the past. Notably, the traumatic force from such events can cause ligament tears along the upper neck, dislodging the atlas and axis bones from their neutral alignment with the head. 

Consequently, the rest of the body has to compensate; the head tilts to either the left or right, the rest of the spine twists to accommodate the head's weight, and your muscles, joints, nerves, and blood vessels get compressed. It can also impact your jaw, causing significant mechanical stress on the joints holding your upper and lower jaw bones together.  

Naturally, correcting the misalignment with careful atlas bone adjustments is the key to restoring balance and canceling out all of the negative things we mentioned above. The chiropractic adjustments provided by your trusted Upper Cervical doctor remove the pressure on the affected structures like your jaws and ensure that your body can start healing better by fixing the flow of signals to and from the brain.

So, if you haven’t explored upper cervical care for TMJ pain relief, we suggest consulting with a nearby Upper Cervical doctor in your town. Call a cervical doctor near you to book your initial neck assessment and learn more about how you can alleviate your TMJ disorder symptoms.


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