7 Tips to Make a Safe Workspace for Your Employees with Migraine

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Do you have employees who complain about migraine? Unfortunately, it's not just in their heads; it's actually one of the most common health conditions in the world. According to the American Migraine Foundation, over 113 million workdays are lost due to migraine every year. That's a lot of workdays that can cause delays and interfere with the smooth flow of business. It can even cause burnout to other employees who cover for their peers who had to skip work due to migraine.

A chiropractor for migraines often hears their patients' complaints of mild to severe headaches, sensitivity to lights, sounds, and strong smells, neck pain, nausea, vomiting, vertigo, or dizziness. Such symptoms make it unbearable for patients to remain productive and continue working.

Often, migraine sufferers can feel isolated in the workplace, especially if there's no one else around who completely understands the pain and discomfort they feel. Not only do they feel alone, but they are also likely to leave work early or choose not to show up for the day. 

But if you can modify the workspace to be more migraine-friendly, it can make a difference for your staff. As an employer, extending more support and creating a safe space for employees with migraine can bring a win-win situation for both parties involved.

If you are at a loss on how you can show more empathy and support to your employees suffering from migraine, here are seven simple tips to help you create this safe environment:

1. Start the conversation about migraines at work.

The first thing that can help show your employees you care for them and are willing to support them is to be open and acknowledge migraine as a condition and include your people suffering from it in the conversation. You can start by encouraging them to open up and guarantee that they will not be judged, ridiculed, or get into trouble if they admit to suffering from this debilitating condition.

You can also try inviting experts or healthcare providers, such as a chiropractor for migraines, to discuss this condition and how it can affect them. They can also shed light if some are confused if they experience a migraine or another condition. These experts can also give tips and recommendations on coping with migraine, especially during workdays. 

Regardless of the way you want to start the conversation about migraine, the goal should be to help make the workplace a safe environment for your employees with migraine.

2. Be understanding.

When employees feel they are understood, they work at their best. If a day comes that your employee says they cannot report to work due to a migraine episode and you force them into coming to work, it will only add to their stress levels. Elevated stress levels can worsen their migraines, and it will only show that you do not acknowledge their condition and disregard their discomfort.

To ensure that your employees stay healthy and productive, make sure that you understand the nature of migraine headaches. Migraines are an actual medical condition and should be treated as such.

3. Provide an alternate work environment on migraine days.

Some people choose to work despite migraine episodes. If you have employees who do this, show your support by acknowledging their discomfort and providing an area in the office that is safe and suitable for them to work and stay. If they are triggered by strong smells, bright lights, and environmental noises, you can help them increase their productivity by providing a fragrance-free, dark, and quiet workspace. Also, with work-from-home options nowadays, you can choose to allow your employees to work from home on days they have severe migraine episodes.

For those who experience unexpected migraine attacks, offer a safe "quiet room" where they can go throughout the day to retreat from overwhelming exposure to light and sound.

chiropractor for migraines, workspace






4. Assemble your migraine support team.

Not everyone may be comfortable broadcasting and opening up about their condition to everyone in the workspace. If this is the case, we recommend having a dedicated migraine support team in your office whom employees with migraine can feel safe reaching out and explaining their suffering. It's a small gesture but essential to make them feel heard and show you care. 

5. Provide good healthcare options.

Scrutinize your healthcare options thoroughly to ensure that migraine and other conditions are supported. This will guarantee that your employees get the best care they need and deserve. Talk to your healthcare provider and express your concern. Perhaps they can also recommend a chiropractor for migraine who can help relieve your employees from migraines' debilitating symptoms.

6. Consider a job shift.

If your employee's current role is too demanding and needs undivided attention, check if other roles can fit their expertise in your company. Before letting your valued employee go, talk with them and consider transferring them to a different role that may even help reduce their migraine attacks. 

7. Recommend consulting a chiropractor for migraines

If your employee has explored different remedies, but migraines remained persistent, perhaps a consultation with a chiropractor for migraines can help. It's not always top of mind, but a misalignment in the upper cervical spine can contribute to migraine attacks. A certified upper cervical chiropractor can help correct the misalignment and let the body heal naturally. Once the upper cervical bones return to proper alignment and the body heals on its own, the symptoms will slowly disappear.

You can browse our doctors directory for a list of licensed upper cervical chiropractic doctors. Your employees are guaranteed to receive care and relief through the care of our chiropractic doctors specializing in different techniques, such as NUCCA, Blair, Orthospinology, Atlas Orthogonal, EPIC, Knee Chest, and more.

Remember, your employees are one of your greatest assets, and if you take care of them, they take care of your business back.


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