Tips if Your Loved One Is Dealing with Fibromyalgia

Tips in dealing loved ones with fibromyalgia

It can be difficult to understand what a fibromyalgia patient is going through if you have never experienced it yourself. Therefore, we’re going to discuss a few things that someone going through a chronic illness will want from close friends and family.

4 Things a Person with Fibromyalgia Needs You to Recognize

Understanding – True, it’s tough to really understand a condition like this if you don’t have it. But one way to show understanding is to trust your loved one when she (9 in 10 sufferers are female) says she is in too much pain to do something. A person with fibromyalgia may not always look ill, but that does not make the pain any less debilitating.

Symptoms -  There are multiple symptoms of fibromyalgia besides the pain. Other problems include headaches, nausea, insomnia, fatigue, and cognitive issues like memory problems and concentration issues. In fact, many fibromyalgia patients also deal with anxiety or depression.

Limited Energy – It’s not that your friend is opposed to hanging out or doesn’t want to have fun. Fibromyalgia leaves a person with a limited amount of energy. She may tell you it’s not a good night to go to the movies simply because she knows tomorrow is laundry day and is saving up the strength.

Gratitude – It may not always come out the right way, but if you have a friend suffering from fibromyalgia, she’s grateful to have you there during this difficult health trial. Don’t give up just because the answer to “Can we hang out?” is “No,” more often than you like. It’s not you, it’s the disease, and your friendship means a lot.

Getting Help for Fibromyalgia

Another way to be a good friend is to let your loved one know when you discover something that can help. Just be sure that there are studies to back up the claim before recommending something bogus. Upper cervical chiropractors have seen success in helping fibromyalgia patients, and many have submitted case studies for review. To learn more, contact an upper cervical chiropractor near you.

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