Things You Need To Know About Cybersickness

cybersickness, natural remedies for dizziness

Cybersickness is an emerging condition that came about as a result of people’s reactions to virtual environments. The latest gadgets now incorporate components of immersive realities. As such, the number of complaints about cybersickness will likely increase. People are wondering if the usual natural remedies for dizziness will provide relief.


What Is Cybersickness?

When the body’s vestibular system cannot manage the influx of signals regarding the body’s balance, dizziness starts. The same thing happens during an episode of cybersickness.

In virtual realities, the eyes view images that mimic the action. It sends signals of movement when in fact, the person is most likely stationary. If the player is moving, it is notable that any action certainly does not match the ones portrayed in the virtual environments.

Such disconnect between perception and application is what triggers cybersickness.


What Are the Symptoms?

A person dealing with cybersickness experiences the same effects of motion sickness. They can include one or a combination of the following:

  • Nausea

The feeling of wanting to vomit is quite common. Nausea often goes away quickly, but some put up with a lingering feeling.

  • Cold sweats

Once nausea sets in, a person typically breaks into a cold sweat. This can make matters worse and heighten the nauseous feeling.

  • Headaches

For some people, headache is the most disturbing symptom. Not only does it linger for a few hours to a couple of days, but it can also vary in intensity. Some people experience mild headaches while others put up with throbbing and severe pain. In some cases, it can lead to migraine attacks.

  • Disorientation

This is a particular reaction by those who wear 3D glasses and virtual reality headsets. Such accessories can block out external stimuli and keep the eyes focused on the presentation. When a person removes the headsets at the end of the activity, the brain might be overwhelmed with the data it needs to process. The sudden shift in environments can lead to disorientation.


What Factors Influence Cybersickness?

Certain factors can affect the intensity of cybersickness.

  • Type of gadgets used

  •  3D glasses have the potential to complicate our body’s response system. Although the eyes focus on the front, the peripheral vision can still pick-up data about the surroundings. This can be confusing to the brain. It’s like watching two movies at the same time.  
  • Virtual reality headsets can block external images other than those that the cameras present. It can provide an immersive experience but can leave the body coping with an influx of signals once removed.
  • Hand controllers keep your fingers busy, but they do not help reduce cybersickness effects at all. The disconnect between the perceived and the actual movements make matters worse. Say your fingers are merely pressing on the buttons while slaying a dragon in your virtual conquest.
  • The treadmill is one of the latest accessories that provide a 360-degree experience to the user. The ability to run or slide is now possible. The cause for worry is that the machine stops when the session ends. However, the body might still be reeling from the momentum.  

cybersickness, natural remedies for dizziness

  • Length of use

The longer the session, the adverse effects of cybersickness intensifies.

  • Posture

Slouching on your couch might be your most comfortable gaming position. However, it does not help keep muscle strain at bay.

  • Physical state

Your current physical disposition can affect how you feel after your session in a virtual environment. If you are feeling tired, you are more susceptible to cybersickness.


Is There A Way to Lessen the Effects of Cybersickness?

Natural remedies for dizziness can probably help reduce the impact of cybersickness. To achieve relief:

  • Rest between sessions.

Make sure you rest well before you get inside a virtual environment. Try to space each session as well. Doing so allows your body to regain its balance.

  • Slow down before stopping.

Just like running on a treadmill or driving a car, remember to slow down before coming to a full stop. It can help your body adjust. Doing so might make nausea less intense.

  • Mind your posture.

If possible, use an ergonomic chair during a virtual reality session. This will help keep your body aligned as much as possible. It might help reduce muscle strain after sitting for a long time.

  • Clear your space.

Prepare the area where you will immerse yourself in a virtual environment. Remove anything that you might bump into during the action sequences. Knowing that you are operating in a clear, level area will lessen any muscular tension anchored on the fear of hurting yourself in real life.


Chiropractic Care for Cybersickness

Being in a virtual environment can be a whole new experience. It can make us feel excited and pumped. Virtual reality gadgets like headsets might present scenarios that can make you move your neck from side to side. Other accessories like shoes and the treadmill might make you feel like you are skiing. Any jostles and tumbles you experience using these gadgets can impact your body.

We want you to enjoy your virtual experience as much as possible. This is the reason why we urge you to get the help of upper cervical chiropractors to address the lingering effects of cybersickness. Licensed chiropractic professionals can check if your neck is still correctly aligned with the rest of your body.

In misalignment cases, upper cervical chiropractors can correct them using the newest approaches and gentle techniques. The realignment will ease any tension and pressure in your brainstem encased by the neck. Upper cervical chiropractic is one of the natural remedies for dizziness. It might also help you achieve relief from cybersickness.

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