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Back pain is so common that up to 80 percent of people will experience a bout at some point. However, when back pain becomes chronic, not only can it be disabling, but according to a recent study, it can also lead to an increased risk of falls. This makes taking care of chronic back pain an important part of reducing fall risks for seniors and others. How can backache be relieved naturally?

Back Pain Factors Leading to Increased Risk

According to the study, men who experienced back pain were 30 percent more likely to experience more than one fall. The men who were part of the study were seniors over the age of 65. Since 1 in 3 seniors in this age group falls each year, anything that increases that risk, especially increasing the risk of multiple falls, needs to be addressed. The study also revealed that the more locations in the back where pain existed, the greater the fall risks became.

Drug-Free Backache Relief

Doctors frequently recommend medications to cover up back pain. Unfortunately, some of these medications can cause dizziness as a side effect, which only serves to increase falls risks even more. Therefore, it makes sense to look for a natural, drug-free way to get help for back pain. We’d like to introduce you to upper cervical chiropractic.

If the pain is not in your neck, you may wonder how adjusting the top two bones of the spine can be the answer to your problem. However, it is important to note that the C1 and C2 are responsible for balancing the head. If they are misaligned, the rest of the spine will move to compensate and keep the head on straight. The locations of the greatest changes are often where the pain arises.

As a result, correcting the upper neck misalignment can allow the body to move the rest of the spine back into place naturally. That means correcting upper cervical misalignments can give the body the chance it needs to heal, and the effect can be reduced back pain. Contact an upper cervical chiropractor near you to learn more about how a gentle adjustment may be able to help with your pain.

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