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Beyond Car Accidents: Other Things that Can Cause a Whiplash Injury

Have you been experiencing stiffness or tenderness in your neck since you had a whiplash injury? Are you afraid that your whiplash from several weeks ago will eventually lead to worse problems like headaches, vertigo, and chronic fatigue? Is working on ordinary tasks more challenging each day because of your upper neck pain? Quite a […]

What to Do When Neck Pain Doesn’t Improve After Several Weeks

Do you often experience neck pain that just won't go away? Do you know how long it's been? Is your movement limited? Has your symptoms begun to affect the overall quality of your life? Could it be atlas subluxation or misalignment? So many questions can arise when you feel like you've been suffering far too […]

Sports-Related Neck Injuries You Should Never Ignore

Do you love playing sports like basketball, football, volleyball, and ice hockey? While playing, have you had injuries like whiplash and neck strain? Ever since you’ve had such injuries have you been experiencing recurring health problems like headaches, spinning sensations, fatigue, and widespread body pain? Indeed, sports play an important role in our lives, bringing […]

Explaining The Many Unknown Effects of Whiplash

Have you fallen off the back of a horse or a moving motorbike and hurt your neck? Were you in a car accident that forced your neck and head to move back and forth? Do you have a history of physical abuse that caused significant trauma to your neck and shoulders? Chances are, you’ve experienced […]

Here’s Why Seeking Immediate Care for Whiplash is Necessary

If you’ve been in a whiplash accident, you might have bouts of ear and neck pain. It’s best to seek proper care immediately to avoid its unwanted effects.

4 Self-care Techniques to Help Relieve Whiplash Pain

Whiplash can lead to a painful injury, making it difficult to move and perform everyday tasks. Upper cervical care can help you deal with its symptoms.

Bumper Cars Can Lead To Whiplash; Here's Why

Whiplash is a common after-effect for people involved in a rear-end collision. Whiplash is a common neck injury caused by a sudden, forceful head movement that affects the neck muscles, discs, tendons, and nerves. Some whiplash patients seek upper cervical care for lasting relief and overall management of their condition. If you've ever been in […]

Taking Whiplash For Granted Is A Mistake; Here's Why

If you're the type who takes pain and minor injuries lightly, this article is for you. While it's great to have an optimistic mindset, taking extra precautions is always necessary to maintain optimal health. Prevention and early detection can make a lot of difference in any illness or condition. In the case of injuries, ensuring […]

Whiplash-related Upper Neck Pain: A Quick Guide

Unknown to many people, dealing with upper neck pain can be quite tricky, mainly if it stems from a whiplash injury. While a whiplash injury can improve within a month, its overall effect on your well-being can linger for years. A whiplash injury overextends the neck and increases your risk of developing cervical spine misalignment.  […]

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