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Avoid Summer Stiff Neck and Headache with NUCCA Chiropractic

Summer is here. When you think of summer, beaches, clear blue skies, and spending time with your family would quickly come to mind. Summer sounds fun and all, but summer activities wouldn’t be as enjoyable as you think when the heat strikes. Getting a stiff neck and headache due to the summer heat is not […]

5 Signs A Headache Needs Immediate Attention

When you think of headaches and migraines, you rarely associate them with something serious. That’s because, more often than not, the throbbing, pulsating, or aching pain disappears after a couple or several hours. Unknown to many, sometimes a headache, migraine and stiff neck spell disaster for some people. That’s because such symptoms can be a […]

Stiff Neck, Different Migraine Types & the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has definitely altered various aspects of life, including how people go to work. For example, a significant fraction of the country’s workforce has to complete their tasks remotely instead of doing it in the office. However, while this approach aims to curb the spread of the disease, many argue that it’s causing […]

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